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Stop the Magnet is another group of H-Town folks that refuse to celebrate our diversity.  They want to have a couple of measures on the ballot this November that harass Latino looking folks.  Check out from their website:

We Need 20,000 City of Houston Registered Voters. Are you one?

Two proposed ballot measures need signatures that will challenge the status quo on illegal immigration in Houston:

A) Public Safety policy designed to allow Houston Police Officers more discretion in identifying and reporting those who fail a valid ID check on a probable cause encounter.

B) Contractors and subcontractors benefitting from taxpayer funds on a City of Houston contract would be required to use E-Verify to authorize the legal working status of their employees.

Folks like Commentary and H-Town CM James Rodriguez have been worried about local Latino voter turnout this November.  We know the far right wingers and Tea Baggers are coming out to vote in droves.  Putting this madness on the ballot just might light a fire, err fuego, in the local Latino community and then Latino voters will come out in record numbers and help Dem candidates win county wide.  This may just backfire on the GOP as they (the Jeb and George P. Bushies) try to dust off their welcome mat for Latino voters. This effort has all the ingredients necessary to create a magnet at the polls that will attract Latinos.

Local Univision will certainly be all over this and we may finally have a vehicle to get out the Latino voters.  Where can I sign a petition?

Go here to check out Stop the Magnet.

Stay tuned for Stop the Madness!

Commentary mentioned yesterday that Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners has played 11 full seasons in the MLB.  How many times has he had 200 plus base hits in a season?  Bonus:  How many times has he led the AL in base hits in a season?

It is good to see the MLS do this.  The Dynamo is fixing to open their new crib in a few weeks and they need to be responsible community citizens.

Major League Soccer suspended Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark three games and fined him an undisclosed amount Wednesday for uttering a gay slur at a ball boy Friday night early in the Dynamo’s loss at the Seattle Sounders.

Here is the entire piece.

Let’s see, Poltico broke the story yesterday that Mitt Romney was fixing to build a car elevator for his West Coast pad and the Dem talking heads said there goes Mr. Out-of-Touch again, and the GOP talking heads responded that building the elevator was a job creator and it shouldn’t be turned into a political issue.  Then the Romney campaign announced that the elevator job was put on hold so it is no longer a political issue – got it!

Last season, Ichiro only had the 184 base hits, the first time he has had less than 200 in a season, so that makes 10 seasons that he’s had 200 plus base hits of course.   Ichiro has also led the AL in base hits in seven different seasons of course.

An experiment in tailgating will occur at The Yard the first weekend in June, according to the ‘Stros.  



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