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The HISD Board of Trustees and ethics made it to the Chron today as an auditor is making recommendations.  Check out this Chron piece today:

Auditors hired to investigate Houston ISD’s contract process said Thursday that trustees should stop intervening on behalf of businesses, abstain from votes on contracts involving big campaign donors and disclose all gifts they take from vendors.

The auditors also noted that documents went missing from one file that involved a suspect deal, and they reported that in some cases it was unclear why vendors were selected.

Trustees should abstain from votes involving vendors who contribute more than $250 a year to their political campaigns, the audit report said. In addition, trustees who hold leadership positions with vendors, including nonprofits, should disclose the relationships and abstain from votes involving those entities.

Here is the entire piece.

If the Board chooses not to go with the recommendations, then how about posting on HISD’s website every time they intervene on behalf of a vendor that gave to their campaign and then how about posting on HISD’s website every time they intervene on behalf of a vendor that they have a financial relationship? 

Commentary mentioned Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners having 200 plus base hits in 10 of his 11 seasons in MLB.  How many times has he won the AL batting title?

KHOU-TV did a nice story on how the Astrodome is doing these days – not so good. 

It costs $2 to $3 million a year to keep it on life support.

It will cost $120 million to tear it down.

It will cost $350 million to renovate it into something worthwhile.

Hunker Down says the voters will have to decide the Astrodome’s future.

Check out the KHOU TV story here.

“It is a decision we have to make. I, for one, think it’s insulting to the facility and the community to leave it there rusting like some old ship that’s washed up on a beach somewhere,” said Hunker Down.

Folks know by now Commentary’s position on the Astrodome.

Check out today’s Politico piece on the GOP kind of not putting a priority on bashing same-sex marriage these days.

Let’s see, if Stop the Magnet, err Madness, gets enough signatures on their petitions, they’ll get on the ballot.  Some at HISD want to be on the ballot for a bond vote.  Ditto HCC.  The City also might want ballot space for a bond campaign.  GLBT said earlier this year they might want on. Then we have the general election candidates.  Hunker Down might as well get the Astrodome on the ballot.  Am I leaving anybody off?  Kuffer is going to be real busy.

Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners has won the AL batting title twice of course when he batted .350 in 2001 and .372 in 2004.

Twelve years ago tonight The Yard officially opened when the Yankees came to town for the Inaugural Game.

My pal Jay Lucas is no longer Senior VP of Communications for the ‘Stros.  That’s too bad!


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