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Here today’s Doonesbury.

My pal, Bill King, kind of weighs in on the “tasteless, insulting comments” recently made by Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher.

Here is Bill’s piece in today’s Chron.

I kind of think it is a bit ridiculous to compare Rush and Maher.  Rush is a guy that GOP leaders across the U.S. of A. don’t want to p_ss off.  GOP leaders worship and embrace the Rush.  GOP leaders play up to Rush.    GOP candidates worry about how their campaigns play to Rush’s audience.

Dems don’t worship Maher.  Dems don’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about how their campaigns will play in front of Maher’s audience.  I would bet if you polled Dems and GOPers, more GOPers would say that they know and respect Rush than Dems know and respect Maher.

GOPers take their marching orders and talking points from Rush.  Dems don’t take their marching orders and talking points from Maher.

Rush is on the air for a few hours every day.  Maher is on the air for one hour every week on a cable premium channel.  Maher is a comedian.  Comedians including folks like Richard Pryor, Don Rickles, Eddie Murphy, Carlos Mencia, and Ricky Gervais make a living making “tasteless, insulting, comments”.  

The  only reason Maher is being singled out is because the GOP leadership doesn’t have the ying-yangs to call out Rush on his recent “slut” remarks so they’re trying to make Maher a foil of sorts and folks like my pal Bill King are taking the bait. 

This current MLBer was taken in the 8th Round of the 2001 MLB Amateur Player Draft out of the University of Cincinnati.   He has made three AL All Star Teams, and has two World Serious rings.  Who am I talking about?

Commentary got his first 2012 Dem Party Primary mail piece yesterday compliments of the Alan Rosen for Constable, Precinct 1 Campaign.

Sports 610 Radio is conducting a Hottest Media Babe Tourney where they stick 20 local female TV reporters/anchors/personalities on a bracket ala the NCAA March Madness brackets and listeners get to log on and vote for their choice.  TV women like Jennifer Reyna, Dominique Sachse, Lisa Hernandez, Lauren Freeman, Gina Gaston, Nefertiti Jaquez, and newcomer Lily Yang are among those that are tourney bound.  Univision was the only conference that didn’t send a representative to the big dance.  What’s up with that!  I’m betting there are some fellas out there of the Spanish speaking persuasion that get their news from Univision and their sports info from Sports 610.

On the Ides of March Newt is still in the race but on life support.

Kevin Youkilis of course from the Red Sox was drafted in the 8th Round in 2001 and won World Serious rings in2004 and 2007 although he didn’t see any action in the 2004 Serious – got it!  Youk is celebrating his 33rd BD today.

Alyson Footnote asked the ‘Stros skipper the following:  What is the daily routine of a ball player at Spring Training?

Skipper: The days are long once we start playing games. Players are usually at the ballpark by 7 in the morning. They have a routine of hitters hitting in the cage, they have their time slots between 7 and 9. Others have early work on the field starting at 8:30. The coaches meeting is at 8 and then we go through a full workout up until lunch. We take lunch and then play a game. That is a full day.



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