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Counting today there are five days left to file for office and so far there are no surprises like Robert Miller said might happen.

Commentary sort of goofed Friday when I was talking about a possible HISD bond election this year and the HISD Superintendent and I said this:

Heck, a few weeks ago four Trustees voted not to extend his (HISD Superintendent) contract.

Actually only one Trustee voted against his contract extension and the other three abstained – got it!

The best lines of the day go to Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey on his redistricting piece when he mentions Austin/Travis County getting slice up into five pieces:

It’s safe to say lawmakers weren’t trying to empower the locals. It makes you wonder why the city of Austin rewards them (the Legislature) with free airport parking.    Here is the piece.

When the White Sox visit The Yard to wrap up Spring Training next month, it will be their first visit to The Yard since they swept us in the 2005 World Serious.  Wandy is the only ‘Stro remaining from the 2005 ‘Stros NL Champs.  Only two current White Sox players remain from the 2005 World Serious Champs.  Name the two?

I don’t think the Chron’s Nick Anderson read Kuffer the other day.  The Chron’s Pulitizer Prize winning editorial cartoonist put new H-Town CM Helena Brown on Sunday’s editorial page.  Check it out here. 
You have to hand it to CM Brown, she’s been in office just over two months and she’s getting a lot of media run. 

The Tribune has a piece today on George P. Bush (Jeb’s son) and his Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC.  Here is a bite:

His future political success could hinge on how Republicans move forward on specific issues. He supports portions of the DREAM Act, and said he thinks most Republicans would also favor at least certain aspects of it, including a pathway toward legalization for illegal immigrants if they serve in the military.

I wonder what part of The DREAM he has a problem with.  In checking out the PAC’s steering committee website page, I wonder how many of the steering committee members support The DREAM Act.  There are some GOP elected officials on the steering committee, I wonder what they think about The DREAM Act.  Check out the Tribune piece here.

And the group’s website here.

I watched Lindsay Lohan on SNL this past weekend.  She did as well as can be expected. 

In saving the worst for last, the H-Town Mayor took some shots yesterday from a pulpit.  I’ll take the high road and say that folks have a First Amendment right to spew what they want.  Here is from the Chron:

Emboldened by (Mayor Annise) Parker’s poor showing in November in which she barely avoided a runoff and by the victories by two opponents of gay marriage who became the first challengers to unseat City Council incumbents in 12 years, social conservatives have gone on the attack. They accuse Parker of reneging on a campaign promise to put the city first and social issues advocacy second, and they charge her with violating the Texas Constitution by advocating for a change to it.


Even some Parker supporters privately have said that her recent public statements, given her November showing, are not good politics. Voters in the city of Houston supported the state constitutional amendment barring gay marriage by a nearly two-to-one margin in 2005.

I wish “some Parker” supporters would have the guts to go on record instead of offering their takes “privately”.

It is also my understanding that some H-Town Council Members were invited to the church to watch the hit job on The Mayor yesterday.  I wonder if any CMs attended.
Here is the Chron story.

Catcher A.J. Pierzynski and First Baseman Paul Konerko of course are all that remain from the 2005 World Serious Champs White Sox.

The ‘Stros won their first two Spring Training games this past weekend.


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