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Check this out from an AP story:

Three senators have written to the head of Sony Pictures Entertainment criticizing the movie “Zero Dark Thirty" as "grossly inaccurate and misleading" in its suggestion that torture produced the tip that led to Osama bin Laden.

The three members of the Senate Intelligence committee — Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin and John McCain — told the president and CEO of Sony, Michael Lynton, that he has an obligation to say that torture in the hunt for bin Laden was fiction and not based on fact.

The lawmakers said the CIA detainee who provided significant information about bin Laden did so before any harsh interrogation.

The three described themselves as fans of Sony movies. But they warned that Americans will see the film and believe the events are factual.

The last thing members of Congress ought to be doing is telling Hollywood how to make movies

I don’t believe in torture.  It is just not my style but both 43 and Little Dick Cheney said it worked and after Bin Laden was tossed into the sea, one of the first calls The President made was to 43.  

I have not seen the movie but I want to.  I do find it interesting is that the liberal media elite are calling “Zero Dark Thirty” one of the best of the year.  Are they endorsing torture or just good movie making.  If the flick takes home the Oscar, are the three Senators going to take to the Senate floor and chastise the Academy?

Name the ‘Stros skipper that has managed the most games?

I’m not going to say much about State Sen. Dan Patrick and the Lite Guv’s latest public education scheme, err, scam.  I’ll just let you see this from the Chron:

Former Cypress- Fairbanks ISD Superintendent David Anthony, the CEO of Raise Your Hand Texas, called it a subsidy for private schools and "a distraction (that) will slow progress on other needed reforms."

"It is regrettable that Senator Patrick chose to burden some otherwise sound proposals with the poison pill of school vouchers. Though the proposal is couched as a tax credit, make no mistake, this is a private school voucher," Anthony declared.

Here is the entire Chron piece.

It is good to see The President step it up on trying to curb gun violence. 

Yesterday was my pal Mike Sullivan’s last H-Town City Council meeting. 

Bill Virdon of course managed 1,066 games for the ‘Stros from 1975-1982.

I don’t have anything to say about the team signing up a bunch of no names.


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