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I don’t have a problem with what Bob Costas said the other night on guns and violence.  Of course, it ain’t going anywhere.  There are multiple murders in movie theaters, post offices, shopping malls, schools, college campuses, and restaurants and nothing changes.   The shootings and murders continue.  To some folks it is not even a big deal.

Only in the NFL can a player whack his girlfriend and then off himself and the game is played the next day and nobody screams bloody murder.  Remember when Darryl Kile died in his sleep as a member of San Luis.  At least they postponed the game a day.  Heck, it would have been two days but the players voted to play.

Speaking of, everybody remembers the Albert Pujols gargantuan dinger that was served up by Lights Out in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS at The Yard. What was the count on Pujols before he went deep?

Commentary said all along that immigrant bashing was a loser for the GOP.  The Romney campaign obviously never read Commentary.  Now they admit that going hard right on immigration hurt them big time.  They regret the spanking they gave Guv Dude on the issue.

Here is more on the regret from HuffPo.

The folks that run the team want a new look for sure.  They didn’t do enough to keep JD on the air so JD will now be calling Cubbie games.  Here is from the ‘Stros website:

"I’ve always been an Astros guy," Deshaies said. "It’s tough to leave after 16 years. I’ve spent most of my baseball life here. It’s hard to leave. But as a baseball guy, it’s kind of hard to turn down the job. It’s a very difficult situation to turn down. I love Wrigley. I love the city."

Here is the entire piece on JD’s departure.

So long, JD!  A lot of us will miss you!

With two outs and no balls and one strike of course, Pujols went yard on us.

I wonder if Brownie is going to stick around and I wonder who will call the radio games.


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