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Before I close out the year I forgot to give Serge a BD shout out last Thursday. I did drop by his 50th BD celebration the other night and a lot of his great friends were there.  Happy Birthday last Thursday to my good friend Sergio Davila!

Talk about a colossal collapse.  If we don’t advance to the AFC Championship game, I expect the owner to make major changes.  We’re a very lousy 12-4 team – go figure!  I think you can call it the curse of the letter jackets.  They ought to put them in a pile over on Kirby Drive and put a match to them – good riddance!

This is going to be another anxious week – drats!

Who led the MLB in stolen bases last season?

It looks like Riddle-My-This is backing off picking on paperless folks.  I guess they are finally learning their lessons.

Check this out.

Burkablog has an honest take on the Lite Guv and his bad year including his campaign fund getting ripped off:

One has to feel sorry for David Dewhurst. Has any recent Texas politician ever suffered through a worse year? He lost a Senate race that he was heavily favored to win; his campaign account is missing hundreds of thousands of dollars, allegedly due to the actions of his own campaign manager; he put his future, to the extent that he has one, in the hands of Dan Patrick and Michael Quinn Sullivan; he compromised himself by announcing to one and all that he was going to sell out to the far right.

Dewhurst has been lieutenant governor for ten years, but what does he have to show for it? What monument solidifies his place in the political firmament? He is a decent man, but he is lacking in core beliefs and basic political skills. For example: No shrewd politician would announce that he is moving hard to the right (or to the left, for that matter). You don’t voluntarily put yourself in a box; you keep your options open. The right is not going to embrace him; they’re going to use him. They know he is still fundamentally an establishment politician.

I don’t feel sorry for the Lite Guv.  He made his choices.  He deserves all that he got.

The Fiesta a few yards from me is now closed.  Talk about a major change in how I go about shopping for grub.

Mike Trout of the Angels of course had 49 stolen bases last season to lead the majors.

I was by The Yard the other night and they still have the brick red up.

Take it easy tonight. I am.  Happy New Year and let’s hope 2013 is a good one!


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