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The team with the best record in the NFL will be playing tonight and most folks in H-Town will be glued to the TV or if they have to be out and about, they will be tuned to 610 radio or 1010 en espanol.  The team is the big deal in these parts these days.   If we win tonight on national TV we become the instant favorites to win the Super Bowl so stay tuned. 

Here is a real easy one.  Name the player with the most career RBIs that isn’t in the MLB Hall of Fame?

From my pal Robert Miller on the SD 6 Special:

Fundraising shots are still ringing out in Senate District 6, which officially became vacant December 6 when Gov. Perry canvassed the vote.  Perry how has until December 26 to order an expedited election to replace the deceased Sen. Gallegos.  After December 26, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst is authorized to order the election.  Tex. Const. Art. III, § 13.  The election must occur on a Tuesday or a Saturday within 21 to 45 days after the writ of election is issued.  I believe that Perry will call the SD 6 election for Saturday, January 26.  Candidates in the SD 6 expedited election may continue to raise money until they are sworn into office.  Tex. Election Code § 253.034(c).

Check out all of Robert’s take here.

Maureen Dowd had a real good column today headlined “Lost Civilization” that had me chuckling.  Here are parts:

The Mayans were right, as it turns out, when they predicted the world would end in 2012. It was just a select world: the G.O.P. universe of arrogant, uptight, entitled, bossy, retrogressive white guys.

Aww!!  And:

Instead of smallpox, plagues, drought and Conquistadors, the Republican decline will be traced to a stubborn refusal to adapt to a world where poor people and sick people and black people and brown people and female people and gay people count.

This is where Barbra Streisand makes an appearance:  people, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the word!   Ditto aww!  It gets better:

But another sign of the old guard’s denial came on Friday, a month after the election, when the Romney campaign ebulliently announced that it raised $85.9 million in the final weeks of the campaign, making its fund-raising effort “the most successful in Republican Party history.”

Why is the Romney campaign still boasting? You can’t celebrate at a funeral. Go away and learn how to crunch data on the Internet.

Mary Matlin was on the tube yesterday and she wasn’t having any of this GOP has a problem issue and boasted that they have a bunch of governors.  OK, they have the chips and salsa but we got the big enchilada.  Dowd continues on how out of touch the GOP is:

Who would ever have thought blacks would get out and support the first black president? Who would ever have thought women would shy away from the party of transvaginal probes? Who would ever have thought gays would work against a party that treated them as immoral and subhuman? Who would have ever thought young people would desert a party that ignored science and hectored on social issues? Who would ever have thought Latinos would scorn a party that expected them to finish up their chores and self-deport?

And finally from Dowd:

Gun sales have burgeoned since the president’s re-election, with Black Friday weapons purchases setting records as the dead-enders rush to arm themselves.

But history will no doubt record that withering Republicans were finally wiped from the earth in 2016 when the relentless (and rested) Conquistadora Hillary marched in, General Bill on a horse behind her, and finished them off.

Double ditto aww!

Here is the entire and recommended you read Dowd column.

Barry Bonds of course sits on 1,996 career RBIs and should  know next month if he will be a bust, be a bust, be a bust in the Hall of Fame.

I really don’t say much about college players because they don’t get paid but congrats to Johnny Football for bringing the Heisman to the Lone Star State again.

They blew up the old dilapidated Ben Milam Hotel across the street from The Yard yesterday.


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