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Sooner or later this had to happen:

A newspaper’s publication of the names and addresses of handgun permit holders in two New York counties has sparked online discussions — and a healthy dose of outrage.

Here is the entire article.

It is the First Amendment versus the Second Amendment.

How about publishing the retail outlet where a weapon was purchased after a crime has been committed with the weapon?

Name the MLBer with the most career dingers as a second baseman?

The Carol Alvarado Campaign is running a TV spot.

Go to the website to check it out.

I went by the Sports Authority Christmas shopping and I wanted to check out ‘Stros gear.  There were only two measly items.  It wasn’t much better at Academy.  On Christmas Eve I stopped by The Yard to check out The Team Store but it was closed.  A receptionist at The Yard told me that they had a kiosk at the Galleria where you could get limited gear.  I went over to the Galleria kiosk and sure enough the gear was limited.  I guess the ‘Stros really weren’t interested in promoting their gear this Christmas season.

Jeff Kent of course leads all second basemen with 351 career dingers.

The Team Store is closed at The Yard and will reopen next year. 


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