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Politico today has a piece with the following headline: Poll: The GOP’s Hispanic nightmare.  It is another take on how the GOP is getting it wrong with the Latino voter as the GOP continues a self-analysis of their approach to Latinos.

For years the GOP has been saying that the Latino community ought to be voting for the GOP because we’re conservative, pro strong family, religious, and patriotic or something like that.  At the same time the GOP has told us to self-deport, have given the thumbs down to DREAMERs, accused us of hiding out in sanctuary cities, and slash public education funding as the Latino student population increases, among other things. 

A GOP affiliated firm conducted a post election poll of Latinos and the results kind of confirms what Commentary has been talking about.  Here is from the Politico piece on the poll:

Majorities in Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico also agreed that “the Republican party does not respect the values and concerns of the Hispanic community.” In Colorado, they said so by a 33-point margin, 63 percent to 30 percent.

So the GOP doesn’t respect our steeeeenking values! And:

The poll showed that majorities of Hispanics in all four states believe the Democratic Party cares more about helping the middle class than the Republican Party cares about the same. They also say the Democratic Party understands the needs and concerns of Hispanic voters, works to protect women’s rights and has the right plans to improve education.

This isn’t news to me and it should not have been news to the GOP heading into E-Day last month.  The bashing of paperless folks was the filter issue that we were warning you about but you weren’t listening

Continuing on this path is political suicide for conservatives,” she said in a statement releasing the numbers. “It is up to the rising stars of the conservative movement, from Paul Ryan to Marco Rubio, to change the tide.”

It ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

Here is the entire Politico take on the Latino poll.

Name the MLB player with the most stolen bases as a rookie?

I was going to talk about an Op-Ed in today’s Chron on how we elect local judges but I can’t find it on Chron.com or HoustonChronicle.com.  This is very frustrating since I am a loyal subscriber!

It looks like “Newsroom” got some Golden Globe and SAG run.  “Game Change” got SAG run.

Vince Coleman of course of San Luis stole 110 bases in 1985 as a rookie.

Jarred Cosart who has no MLB experience whatsoever is being considered for the team closer role – huh!


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