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They got their arses handed to them last month but now they can claim a win of sorts.  Some GOPers got what they wanted when U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name for consideration for Secretary of State.  Here is what NBC’s Andrea Mitchell had to say:

This is not going to help Republicans at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of a confirmation process even before she was nominated.

They never learn!

Name the MLBer with the most career hits that is not in the MLB Hall of Fame?

I’m not going to say much about Carol Alvarado’s opponent releasing a memo about their poll yesterday that is over two weeks old.

I will say that everyone now knows that Election Day is Saturday, January 26 and Early Voting in Person starts on January 9.  I’m glad the election wasn’t set for the next week – Super Bowl Weekend.

Most folks know Commentary doesn’t approve of campaign sign stealing.  Yesterday evening at around 6:30 pm, the Carol Alvarado campaign headquarters received a phone call from a voter saying that his brother saw a young kid in his early 20s in a pick-up truck tearing down an Alvarado sign on 75th street.  The supporter’s brother chased the sign thief but he got away.  I’m kind of glad he got away.  No telling what would have happened if there would have been a confrontation.  This is so silly and so dangerous.

Derek Jeter of course with 3,304 base hits is not yet in the Hall of fame because he is still a Yankee.

The ‘Stros acquired pitcher Alex White yesterday and here is what a story on their website says:

White, 24, appeared in 23 games last season for Colorado (20 starts) and was 2-9 with a 5.51 ERA.

Oh, well.

The good news for the team is we don’t have to face Josh Hamilton on Opening Day at The Yard next April.

The bad news is we face him the following weekend in Anaheim when we play the Angels.


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