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Commentary thinks we are heading over the fiscal cliff unless the GOP wakes up.  The GOP will take the blame.  In order to avoid the cliff, the GOP is going to have to get a leader that can lead.  It is pretty obvious that Boehner’s “Plan B” ain’t getting it done.

Speaking of gutless, if you are going to support vouchers then go on ahead and say you are supporting vouchers.    State Sen. Dan Patrick and the Lite Guv want to cannibalize public education funding and they are calling it school choice when in fact it is vouchers because they don’t have the guts to call it vouchers.  They must think we are all a bunch of dumbarses.

There are only two ‘Stros with 20 or more dingers in their rookie season.  Name the two?

Commentary is still around today and so are you.

The former METRO CEO’s silence has been bought for six months for $117,500 and the former METRO Police Chief is now running the transit system.   Your guess is as good as mine. 

You actually think the former CEO s going to consult?

The Big Puma (21 in 2000) and Glenn Davis (20 in 1985) of course are the only two ‘Stros with 20 or more dingers in their rookie seasons.

There is nothing to say about The Yard these days.


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