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I’m really not going to spend much time talking about Carol Alvarado’s opponent going negative yesterday.    It speaks for itself.  I don’t think Kuffer wants to deal with this kind of campaign.

Check out Kuffer here.

This lefty pitched for the Tribe (1963-1964), White Sox (1965-1971), Dodgers (1972-1974) and (1976-1978), Yankees (1979-1982) and (1986-1989), Angels (1982-1985) and A’s (1985) and he won 288 games – the seventh most all time among lefties and he’s not in the Hall of Fame.  He didn’t play in 1975 because he had major surgery.  Name the player?

Folks are already talking about challengers to The Mayor next year.  I won’t name names but they are out there.  I will let someone else roll them out but one is a Latino, one is African American, and the other is an Anglo.

It looks like we’re going to have a second convention center hotel in District I.  Way to go CM James Rodriguez!

Ravi Shankar is no longer with us.  I saw him play with George Harrison a long, long time ago.

My friend came to me

With sadness in his eyes

He told me that he wanted help

Before his country dies

Although I couldn’t feel the pain

I knew I had to try

Now I’m asking all of you

To help us save some lives

Another candidate just jumped in to the SD 6 race.  Welcome to the party, Rodolfo “Rudy” Reyes!

Tommy John of course has 288 career wins and is not in the Hall of Fame but he does have a surgery named after him.

From the ‘Stros website:

The Astros will tune up for their first season in the American League by playing their former National League Central Division rivals, the Cubs, in two spring exhibition games

March 29-30 at Minute Maid Park.

So JD does make an appearance this year.


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