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Leap Year BD

I have mentioned before that Rachel is a leap year baby. So Happy Birthday to Rachel today!

This 1953 AL MVP was also a leap year baby and he also served as GM of the ‘Stros from 1980-1985. Who am I talking about?

How can the Academy Awards not memorialize one of the key actors in the best movie of all time? I am talking about Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio in “The Godfather.” What an oversight!

I am thinking the Harris County Democratic Party combined way too many precincts tomorrow. For instance, all four Magnolia Park precincts are voting at De Zavala Park. I guess it is a money thing but this certainly will not help turnout and Tuesday’s primary is very important.   We are after all electing the next president.

If you picked up a hard copy of today’s Chron, you probably got confused. City/State is in the front section. So are the editorials. Obits and weather are in the business section so get used to it.

Now I know why I have received five Morris Overstreet mailers. He is getting help from billionaire George Soros. Well my thinking on this race has certainly changed.

If you watched “Houston Newsmakers” on Channel 2 yesterday morning, it was clear that Adrian Garcia was in command. No question about it.

Al Rosen of course who left us last year was born on February 29, 1924 and was our GM from 1980-1985 and won the AL MVP with Cleveland back in 1953.

The first Spring Training game is later on this week.

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