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The Debate

Check out “Houston Newsmakers” with Khambrel Marshall this Sunday morning at 10 am on Channel 2..  Adrian Garcia did A-OK, I was told.

About last night.  It was very entertaining. Lots of laughs for sure.

Of course, why did they even invite the doctor and the governor.

Sens. Cruz and Rubio landed some punches on Trump but I don’t think they did any damage.

For the first 40 minutes or so it was all about going after folks without papers and the DREAMers.   I am OK with this since all it does is solidify the Latino vote for Dems in November. Keep on bashing.

It looks like the pundits are saying Trump will win everything on Super Tuesday except for Texas. If this happens, I don’t see how he is denied the nomination.

How can Rubio supporters continue to say their guy is viable if they don’t win anything next Tuesday?

Who was the last ‘Stros pitcher to take the mound in 2015?

In Harris County through yesterday 98,152 GOPers have cast ballots versus 65,454 Dems. That is not three to one and it is not going to be three to one.

On the local front, my mailbox has received four Morris Overstreet mailers and only two from Kim Ogg.

I got another mailer from Dave Wilson yesterday.

IE mailers are dropping in CD29.

Dallas Keuchel of course pitched the bottom of the eighth in Game 5 of the ALDS in KC.

Nothing from Spring Training today.

Vote Early Today, Please.



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