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Not a Lot

Through Day 2 of Early Voting in Harris County, 19,376 GOPers have voted or 58% of the county share and 14,001 Dems have voted or 42% share. That is hardly three to one.

Dems need to be doing better though.

How about this tweet:

Anna Eastman ‏@AnnaEforHISD Feb 17 Houston, TX

Humbled to learn I’ve been chosen as Houston NASW Public Elected Official of the Year! Thanks, @januarileo for the nomination! #socialwork

Well deserved!

How many active MLBers have 500 plus career dingers?

The city is rolling out some new parking meter gizmos. Commentary uses them when I visit The Yard. Too often they don’t power up, they don’t spit out paper, they don’t take cash, or they are way too slow. I hope the new ones work better.

The South Carolina GOP governor didn’t endorse Jeb yesterday. I wonder if Jeb will make it to the March 1 primaries. I doubt it.

I will say this. It would be OK by me if we got to face Trump or Cruz in November.

Dave Wilson hit my State Rep. Jessica Farrar in a mail piece yesterday. I wonder if more hits are coming?

I hate to talk about City of H-Town employee layoffs. This shared sacrifice stuff is not going to be pretty.

A-Rod with 687 career dingers, Albert Pujols with 560, and Big Papi with 503 are the only ones with 500 plus of course.

Spring Training opens today.

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