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Bethany and Ryan

Bethany Arnold and Ryan Trostad are getting married tomorrow. Congratulations!

Bethany at one time used to help me with campaigns. Now she practices law.

Nice job Paula and Fred!

The Harris County Tejano Dems endorsed Adrian Garcia last night. Here is this tweet from last night:

Adrian Garcia Retweeted

Matt ‏@mrmperez 10h10 hours ago

.@AdrianGarciaHTX takes the endorsement of the Tejano Democrats after not being initially recommended

Commentary was not surprised.  I am thinking most local Dem activists are for Adrian.

Carlos Correa had 22 dingers and 22 doubles last season. How many triples did he have?

Sec. Hillary Clinton turned in an impressive performance last night. She was on offense for sure. I give her the edge on winning last night’s debate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a few points on Henry Kissinger – for those who remember Kissinger.

Kuffer had this to say about the CD 29 race:

For what it’s worth, I think both candidates have run the kind of race they’ve needed to run (yeah, there’s a third candidate, but he’s not done much of anything). Green has rolled out a bajillion endorsements, and now he’s hitting the airwaves to remind people that he’s good at his job and they’ve never had any complaints about him before now. Garcia has been busy attacking him on issues like marriage equality, gun control, and the environment, where Green’s record is not exactly in line with many primary-voting Democrats. He’s also made the pitch to be the first Latino member of Congress from the Houston area – this Trib story from a few days ago sums up that aspect of the race well – and has thrown in some economic inequality stuff as well. It’s all what I’d have done if he’d have asked for my opinion.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=72605.

Carlos Correa had only one triple last season of course.

Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

I know Bethany and Ryan will!



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