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No Show

Last night Adrian Garcia won the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus 136 to 2 or something like that. Yeah, 136 to 2. The Screening Committee gave Adrian a 89.2% rating and Cong. Gene Green a 70% rating. Asked to explain the rating score, a Screening Committee member said that Green didn’t seem interested in learning about and discussing GLBT issues or something like that. It is what it is and he is what he is.

Green didn’t bother to show up last night or send a representative. That’s too bad. He chooses to ignore a part of the congressional district he represents. He chooses to ignore a key member of the Democratic Party family.  Why?

Name the MLB DH with the most dingers last season?

Former senator Rick Santorum gave up his bid for the presidency yesterday.

When I was watching Secretary Hillary Clinton on Monday night, I kept hearing her say she was a progressive. It sounded kind of odd and so not her.   Well, Sen. Bernie Sanders and some talking heads are questioning her progressive cred. I am certainly not going to get into this fight other than to say it doesn’t sound like her.

Commentary has a policy of not spending a lot of time on college sports. The kids don’t get paid so I don’t have anything to say on the kids signing those letters of intent yesterday.

David Ortiz of course led DHers last season with 37 dingers.

That’s all I have.


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