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Chron Moves

The Chronicle has left Downtown, 801 Texas, and is now on the Southwest Freeway where the Post used to be. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the Chron on 801 Texas. Less than a handful accompanying candidates to E-Board interviews and maybe a few times to drop something off to a reporter before the email days.

I fully understand if you worked there or still work there how the move can tug at emotions. The memories. I get that.

I will say this. I kind of will miss that Downtown won’t house our newspaper. We got The Yard there. Toyota and BBVA (sort of). The Convention Center, Discovery Green, and new hotels. City Hall, the County Courthouses, and our jails. Now Downtown is losing the newspaper. That kind of blows. The newspaper should be Downtown – period!

Oh, well. At least they are still inside the loop.

And we heard about this yesterday:

Ed Gonzalez ‏@EdForSheriff 2h2 hours ago

I commend Myr @SylvesterTurner for naming Martha Montalvo acting @houstonpolice Chief. First latina to serve the position.

Through Day 3 in Early Voting in Harris County, 25,954 for GOPers and 18,398 for Dems. Here is from Kuffer on the turnout:

Not a whole lot to say today, as I’m a bit pressed for time. Democrats have 41.5% of the total share of the early Harris County vote so far. They’re down 35% from 2008 but up 86% from 2012, while Republicans are up 114% from 2008 and up 20% from 2012. Up 20% from 2012 final totals would be 196,776, not too shabby but not exactly doors-blown-off. For Dems, up 86% from 2012 is 142,264, which I’d consider kind of meh. It’s early days, and I do think we’ll see heavier action next week. But so far, I’d say the structural integrity of Harris County’s doors remains sound.

We will see what happens this weekend.  Let’s see if Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to H-Town will boost voter turnout.

In December of 1975, MLB players won the right to free agency. Name the two players who filed the case?

If you want to know who was the real hero in the fight for free agency, check this from the Houston Press:

With spring training starting up this week, what better time is there is to look back at the one man that did more to transform the sport, and all professional sports for that matter, than a native Houstonian by the name of Curt Flood. Odds are that most people, most Houstonians, most baseball fans, don’t remember this man named Curt Flood. It’ll actually be surprising if most professional athletes now playing even know Curt Flood, and their riches are the largely the result of his efforts.

It is a good read. Check it out here: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/the-saga-of-curt-flood-a-well-paid-slave-8169790

I am rooting for Trump tomorrow and I hope he keeps getting into more fights with leaders who are admired.

Pitchers Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally of course were the two MLBers who led way for free agency.

From Tags on the ‘Stros:

Here are three questions that must be answered this spring:

  1. Who will start at first base? There’s a chance that Houston’s Opening Day starter at first base isn’t yet in camp. The Astros could still sign one of the remaining free agents, a group that includes Pedro Alvarez and Justin Morneau, if they don’t like what they see from their internal candidates. Reed, the left-handed slugger who led the Minors in homers and RBIs last year, is likely the first baseman of the future, but he’ll need to prove he can hit left-handed pitching and has yet to take an at-bat in Triple-A.

Singleton has crushed Triple-A pitching but has yet to hit consistently in the Majors, so this could be his final shot to prove his worth with Houston. White has done nothing but put up amazing numbers. However, like the others, he is unproven at the Major League level. Duffy is the dark horse and might be a better fit in a utility role rather than as a starter.

  1. What will the final two spots in the rotation look like? The late-January signing of veteran Doug Fister gave the Astros a sixth solid option for the rotation — assuming everyone stays healthy. Fister is coming off elbow issues last year, and Feldman missed September following a shoulder sprain. Then there’s Fiers, who has electric stuff.

Both Feldman and Fiers have pitched in the bullpen before, and both could be used in long relief. Whatever the case, Houston is in much better shape than the club was a year ago, when it opened the season with Roberto Hernandez as the fifth starter.

  1. Can the Astros handle expectations? Most experts believe the Astros are one of the top teams in the AL, and one that should make a push toward the playoffs. Last year, they come out of nowhere with no pressure on their backs for much of the season and were one of baseball’s feel-good stories. This year, things are different. People expect them to win and compete, and that’s going to be a first for many of the players. The pressure is real. The good news for Houston is manager A.J. Hinch always knows how to have his team in the right state of mind for any situation. How will the Astros respond in 2016?

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