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Voting Early

The Chron’s Rebecca Elliott tweeted this after the first day of Early Voting in Person:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 14h14 hours ago

In Harris County early voting news…GOP early votes up 208% over 2008 on day 1. Dem early votes down 4% over 2008. #houvote

Remember when I put this Trib piece out yesterday:

All told, (Harris County Clerk Stan) Stanart said he expected close to 400,000 people will cast primary ballots in the state’s largest county. Whereas Democrats dominated interest in 2008, Stanart predicted three-quarters of the turnout in Harris County will be on the Republican side, where native son Ted Cruz and New York billionaire Donald Trump are duking it out at the top of a shrinking list of GOP candidates. 

Well, after Day 1 in Harris County, the GOP has a 56.9% share and the Dems a 43.1% share. That is not 3 to 1 in my book. We still have a bit to go though.

Let’s see what happens on Day 2.

Name the three ‘Stros pitchers who struck out 100 or more hitters last season?

Well that didn’t last long. I am talking about the H-Town City Council District Service Fund. It looks like the mayor wants to slash it pretty good from $1,000,000 to $250,000. Here is from a Mike Morris article in today’s Chron:

Mayor Sylvester Turner’s refrain that Houston will meet its financial challenges through “shared sacrifice” is beginning to trigger the showdowns those sacrifices entail, starting with a potentially thorny bunch – the City Council.

Turner’s target is a cherished program for the 11 district council members that, now in its second year, gives members $1 million to spend on projects in their districts.

In the budget now being compiled for the fiscal year that starts July 1, Turner proposes slashing the so-called Council District Service Funds by $8.25 million, leaving each district council member with $250,000, a quarter of the current allotment, to spend. The five at-large members do not receive these funds.

Oh, well. Go pick up your hard copy of the Chron to read the rest of the Morris article.

Check this out:

Baseball Prospectus’ preseason PECOTA (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test) rankings have the Astros projected to finish first in the AL West with an 87-75 record.

That would be good for the fifth-best record in the AL, according to PECOTA.

Tampa Bay and Cleveland are projected to take the AL East and Central, respectively, with Boston and Toronto the two wild cards.

Meanwhile, PECOTA defending World Series champion Kansas City going 76-86 and finishing last in the Central.

How does last year’s World Serious champ finish last in the AL Central?

Dallas Keuchel struck out 216 batters last season, Collin McHugh 171, and Lance McCullers 129 of course.

Tags predicts this line-up and order for this season:

2B Jose Altuve

RF George Springer

SS Carlos Correa

DH Evan Gattis

CF Carlos Gomez

LF Colby Rasmus

3B Luis Valbuena

1B Jon Singleton

C Jason Castro

I don’t know about this. It is kind of hard to win the AL West if you have your first baseman batting eighth.

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