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The last couple of days here in H-Town some of us have been sitting on our arses watching the coverage of the downpour and flooding. We are getting our info from the flat screen, twitter, or websites like chron.com.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet of some fella delivering refreshments to some first responders. During times like these, some folks make it a point to give our first responders well deserved praise and thanks.

As I was getting ready to leave to go to Doug Miller’s event last night, Doug was live on the 6 pm news reporting from the Greenspoint area. In another hour or so, Doug would be at his event.

The day before, Doug was reporting live from an apartment complex that got nailed by flooding. His interviews with stressed out residents were pretty powerful.

When we go through an event like the last couple of days, the local media organizations go all hands on deck. Doug is pulled off his political/policy beat to interview victims. Ted Oberg is pulled off of investigations and is interviewing a Woodlands resident and his floating bed. City Hall reporter Rebecca Elliott is bringing us images of a soggy Teddy bear from a flooded Arbor Court unit.

You get the picture.

These folks are out there too busting their arses and letting us know what is going on by providing us much needed information and telling the stories of the folks who are hurting. So thank you Doug, Ted, Rebecca, and all the other journalists (on scene, in the newsrooms, behind the camera, in the control rooms) out there for the past couple of days for doing a great job reporting this story.  We could not get through this without you.

Bryce Harper leads MLB with 20 RBIs. Who leads the ‘Stros in the RBI category?

It looks like the Sen. Ted Cruz strategy is to steal the nomination away from Donald Trump.

This arsehole should be in the Hall of Shame. Commentary is talking about ESPN’s Curt Schilling. Check his latest from bleacherreport.com: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2634131-curt-schilling-posts-anti-transgender-comments-on-facebook.

What a dumbs__t!

Tyler White of course leads the ‘Stros with 11 RBIs.

I really don’t have much to say about our loss last night.

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