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Fair Fight

What a morning! Everything is being cancelled including at last count nearly three hours of KPRC-TV’s coverage of the weather. The power outage strikes!

Check this tweet:

David Barron Retweeted

KPRC 2 Houston ‏@KPRC2 19m19 minutes ago

We are still working to get power and get back on air. We’ve got updates here, on Facebook and at http://Click2Houston.com .

Looks like a lot of things are shutting down in H-Town today.

The ‘Stros play three in Arlington starting tomorrow evening. Which of the two teams has turned the most double plays this season?

Commentary believes in the so called fair fight. The HISD auditor who was suspended by the HISD Board of Trustees got him some help. He needed some help if you ask me. Check this from the Houston Press:

Well, as if things couldn’t get any grander with Houston ISD investigating its own chief auditor who investigated it – and clearly found the district’s oversight wanting in an audit report released last October – the silenced-by-HISD Richard Patton has hired Dolcefino Consulting to speak for him.

Told by HISD officials to sit at home and not to have contact with pretty much anyone about HISD business, Patton – barred from explaining his side of the still unknown allegations (HISD won’t be specific) – has engaged the services of former super investigative reporter turned consultant Wayne Dolcefino.

Dolcefino, as is his wont, came out swinging. “Richard Patton is a man of integrity, and before our work to restore his good name is over every taxpayer and parent in the Houston Independent School District will understand exactly what happens when an HISD internal auditor tries to do his job to protect your money and your kids too thoroughly,” Dolcefino wrote in a press release (although his version was all caps, which makes our eyes hurt so we changed it for you.)

HISD had made its displeasure with the audit report known right away. In a late October board meeting then Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla attacked the report, saying the only thing the audit team was supposed to do was check the administration’s math to verify whether a projected projected $211 million building shortfall was due to massive inflation. “It was not designed to identify fraud,” Bobadilla wrote.

Here is the entire Houston Press story: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/silenced-hisd-chief-auditor-hires-a-mouthpiece-8326334.

Wayne is pretty good at this. If his client gets banged around by certain HISD Trustees, expect Wayne to hit back and hit hard. Heck, hit back harder. So the HISD auditor with this hire kind of evened things out. So it now kind of a fair fight.

How about this from the Chron E-Board on Saturday:

(Thumbs down) The Metro board, for the first time in many years, is without a Hispanic member. Houston, of course, is 41 percent Latino and they, by far, are the largest users of bus service. The demographic make-up of boards ebbs and flows, but those who make the appointments need to remember this is 2016, inclusivity is not optional and if Hispanics are riding Metro they should have a loud voice in its governance.

I will say this.  This is the first time like in over 35 years that an H-Town mayoral administration has rolled out its Metro picks without a Latino or Latina in the bunch.  Oh, well.

The E-Board wants to see the mayoral transition reports.  It really doesn’t make any difference to Commentary.  Of course, what at H-Town City Hall can be classified for yours eyes only – huh?  Here is how the E-Board ends their take today on the transition reports:

People deserve to see the decision-making process of their elected leaders. Hiding these otherwise routine documents only fosters suspicion. Mayor Turner: Release these reports.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Release-reports-7252012.php.

Well here is a different take on Hall of Fame great Ty Cobb.  If you are a MLB history buff, you need to check this:


Interesting if you ask me.  Cobb has always pretty much been portrayed as a jerk.

Here is more on The Yard’s new dumb lights. You can also check out George Springer losing a fly ball in the lights. Check this:

There’s not much the Astros can do about the new LED lighting system at Minute Maid Park.

“They’re there. They are bolted in,” manager A.J. Hinch said on Friday, a day after right fielder George Springer lost a ball in the lights, resulting in the Royals scoring five runs in the sixth inning in a 6-2 loss on Thursday.

“We’re going to work to tweak to make sure that we’re not at a disadvantage when it comes to playing, and where the lights are angled, or how bright they are, and things like that,” Hinch said. “We’re a unique stadium; the lights are a little bit lower than most, and we have to adjust to them.

“The lights can only be adjusted so much. We’ll make the proper adjustments, we’ll get used to it. We’ll make better plays. I don’t want our guys to psychologically be defeated because the lights are bright. We’ll be fine.”

The brightness of the lights has been adjusted a couple of times, according to Hinch. The lights are supposed to reduce glare, with specially designed optics allowing players to see the complete trajectory of the ball.

“It’s not so much the actual ball in the light, it’s the impact of looking directly into a light and then the action that follows,” Hinch said. “That’s the main issue. It’s not why we lost the game. It’s an adjustment that needs to be made, and we’ll make it.

“Other places have these lights. … The Yankees have it, Seattle has it. They’re just lights, they are in every ballpark. You have to work around them in every park, like the sun.”

Check it out here: http://m.astros.mlb.com/news/article/172577460/astros-adjusting-to-lights-at-minute-maid-park.

What a shame!

The Rangers have turned 20 double plays this season to lead MLB and the ‘Stros 7 of course.

Dante and I made it to The Yard Saturday night. This our 11th season of going to games together. I tweeted photos. He is way taller than me these days. We will be going to check out the Red Sox this Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to a SpringerDinger off of the foul pole Saturday night, I will be having a Chick-fil-A for lunch.

Well we finally won a series this past weekend.

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