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Not Impressed

Pardon me for not being impressed this morning.

Maybe it has something to do with last night’s game at The Yard that lasted past midnight. It went 12 innings and Jose Altuve kind of looked bad in a nationally televised game. He made two errors. One was a bonehead throwing error and the other was mental – he forgot to put his foot on second base on a force out.

The hot shot reliever that we traded for in the off season was roughed up again. We are not a good team right now.

I will say that Colby Rasmus is having a good April. I am not impressed with the team’s effort though. Like I said, we are not a good team today.

Who leads MLB in stolen bases?

Commentary is not impressed with the tag team that was announced last night. I am talking about Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich pulling a tag team on Donald Trump. What is that all about? Do the voters actually pay attention to the tactic game? I kind of don’t think so.

Most talking heads are saying this is a desperate move. Not me. It is more like a stupid move.

Commentary said this last week on flooding:

Commentary hates to say this, but the 100-year flood event is now the new norm. Get used to it or move.

This was a headline of a front page story in yesterday’s Chron on local flooding:

Is this the new normal?

Here is the entire story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/houston/article/After-storms-turn-Space-City-into-Flood-City-7305830.php.

Like someone said over the weekend – move over H-Town, Space City, Clutch City, and the Bayou City, and make room for Flood City.

Big Papi is retiring after the season. On Friday, the ‘Stros presented him with a black cowboy hat. I wasn’t impressed.

A couple of years ago we gave Derek Jeter golf clubs. I wasn’t impressed with that either.

A-Rod is retiring next season. When he visits The Yard next season, how about giving him a gold plated specimen jar?

Jose Alltuve leads MLB with nine stolen bases of course.

If we don’t start winning, finding street parking will be a lot easier.


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