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From AP this morning:

U.S. employers notched another solid month of hiring in March by adding 215,000 jobs, driven by large gains in the construction, retail and health care industries.

Not bad.

This former ‘Stro wore the number 24 from 2002-2005 and the number 16 from 2005-2007. Last night he was wearing the number 40 as a member of the Brewers’ coaching staff.  Who am I talking about?

I consider the following a public policy issue because we own The Yard and are leasing it to the ‘Stros.

Some folks have been complaining to H-Town City Hall about the LED lights that are replacing the older street lights. They say they are too bright. I have one on my block and it is kind of bright.

This will be my 17th season as a regular at The Yard. So I kind of know what I am talking about on the experience over there.

Last night I noticed something was different. It was the lighting and an uncomfortable glare. I tweeted this:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 12h12 hours ago

Hey @astros , kind of bright in here.

Then as the game started, right fielder George Springer misjudged a soft liner.

My nephew Dave commented that it looked like Springer lost it in the lights.

Then this was tweeted:

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMorales 12h12 hours ago Houston, TX

Did he just lose that in the lights?

And I replied:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 12h12 hours ago

@JuliaMorales looks like he did.

Then this:

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMorales 12h12 hours ago Houston, TX

The lights are extremely bright.

Then me:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 12h12 hours ago

@JuliaMorales amen. Should have worn my shades.

After the game, during the postgame show, there was mention about the new LED system and it got a mention from the skipper.

The experience was uncomfortable. Especially for those who wear eyeglasses. I am seriously taking my shades next time.

So I found this on the internet this morning:

When Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros take the field on April 11 against the Kansas City Royals at Minute Maid Park, it will be under Musco’s cutting-edge SportsCluster Green™ LED system. As part of continued upgrades to Minute Maid Park, the new lighting system will provide unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and enhance the spectator experience at the ballpark.

The new system, which replaces the original metal halide lighting equipment that was installed when the 40,000-seat stadium opened in 2000, will consume less energy, require less maintenance and offer special effects to enhance the ballpark’s entertainment experience. That’s why the Astros looked to Musco for a customized solution.

“We are continuously looking for ways to improve the stadium experience for both our fans and our players,” said Astros President of Business Operations Reid Ryan. “The new LED lighting system will help us provide a top of the line experience while increasing our energy efficiency all year long. We look forward to seeing the field of Minute Maid Park under new lights in 2016.”

Musco’s lighting solution will provide a variety of benefits that will help conserve energy, and improve the experience for spectators, athletes, and television broadcasts.

Cuts energy consumption by 52 percent, enough to power 380 Texas homes for each hour of use. Reduces glare with specially designed optics allowing players to see the complete trajectory of the ball.  Creates a stage-like atmosphere for fans.Eliminates maintenance with Musco’s long-term parts and labor warranty Minute Maid Park will become the second MLB venue to install Musco’s innovative LED solution and joins an extensive list of premier facilities that feature a customized Musco LED lighting system.

That list includes the Houston Texans’ NRG Stadium, the San Antonio Spurs’ AT&T Center, and Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium.

“We’ve been helping customers for four decades provide energy-efficient solutions that improve the playing environment for athletes and fans,” said Jeff Rogers, Vice President, Musco Lighting.  “The new system will not only improve the Astros’ energy efficiency, but will bring a new level of entertainment with special effects and our patented optics.”

Let me say again that my stadium experience was not improved and glare was not reduced. Quite the opposite I have to say.   The team may now be paying a cheaper light bill, but this was a very bad idea if you ask me. Or maybe a good idea that turned bad.   Please get it fixed.

Jason Lane of course is now wearing the number 40 for the Brewers.

Wandy didn’t make the team.

The price of a cup of Saint Arnold jumped from $9.50 last season to $10.50 last night. Ouch!



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