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Governor Greg Abbott is coming out with a book and some folks are now speculating that he may be thinking about running for higher office. I guess that would be running for president in four years or eight. Oh, well. Erica Grieder from Texas Monthly has a take on this and here is a bit of it:

I remain skeptical of such speculation in light of the simple fact that Abbott already has, arguably, the best job in American politics. As governor of Texas he is the chief executive of the best state in the country, and arguably the most important one; in other words, he already has a sufficiently high office, without having even a fraction of the hassles that accompany the office of the presidency. Plus, one can assume that Abbott expects his protégé, Cruz, to do well in this year’s campaign; any presidential run he’s planning would be penciled in for 2024, and who knows if there will even still be a Republican Party then?

Here is the entire Grieder take: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/greg-abbott-auteur/.

Texas Governor is the best job in American politics? Nope. Not even close. President would be on the top of my list for sure.

Best state in the country? I love being a native Texan. I love living in H-Town and yes I don’t think I would want to live anywhere else. I bet some folks that live in places like Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, New York and on and on feel the same about their states.

Are we the most important state? Why? If we are so important, then why don’t we do stuff that important states should be doing? Health insurance, high school graduates, you get the picture.

What was our record last season after three games?

Remember when I said this yesterday:

The Chron has a story today about the HISD Board of Trustees suspending their chief auditor. The board president said the suspension had “nothing to do with sex or anything of that nature. And they’re alleged, so I don’t want to get into what the allegations are until the investigation is over.” OK! Got it! Stay tuned!

The Houston Press has a story today on a meeting yesterday of the HISD Board Audit Committee. Here is a part:

(Trustee Jolanda) Jones, who was nominated to be chair of the three-member Audit Committee on Thursday by Diana Davila and elected in a 2-1 vote (Anna Eastman who has been on the audit committee for several years, abstained), made it clear she doesn’t think much of former Superintendent Terry Grier, telling the Chronicle that this investigation may be retaliation by some board members against Patton supposedly because they didn’t like the questions he was asking.

“My opinion is, who is Dr. Grier? I mean he’s got axes to grind with the district as well. No disrespect intended but he doesn’t have the vote on this. That’s another reason I ran for the school board. Because of him my son couldn’t go to Yates. So all I’m saying is I don’t know why he’s weighing in on this. He’s the ex-superintendent.”

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/hisd-audit-chiefs-alleged-misdeeds-kept-under-tight-wrap-8307217.

Oh, stop the posturing. If the investigation is conducted properly, then Grier will be interviewed. And what does attending Yates High School have to do with this anyway?   Hop on the roller coaster for sure.

Ken Hoffman reports on what is new in the grub department at The Yard this season. Check this:

Sweet Potato Waffle Chicken Sandwich: Homemade waffles with sweet potato puree in the batter, grilled chicken breast, Greek yogurt, baby spinach and sliced tomatoes. 

Irish Nachos: Kettle chips smothered in jalapeno queso, picadillo ground beef and assorted nacho toppings. 

Hand Dipped Corn Dogs: Freshly deep-fried. No more heated-up, store-bought frozen corn dogs. 

Loop Artisan Pretzel: My favorite in the bunch. Loved the German-style pretzel with lager mustard dipping sauce. That’ll clear your sinuses. Also available with 3 cheese sauce.

I will stick to the dogs and peanuts.

Last season after three games we were 1-2 just like this morning and a game out just like this morning.   We are now in Milwaukee for three.

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