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Dumb Lights

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Commentary watched the debate last night. I have a simple question. Why doesn’t Secretary Hillary Clinton release her speeches? What the heck are in the speeches anyway? Oh, well.

Which team leads MLB in strikeouts by hitters this early in the season?

Here is the deal. In 1996, Harris County voters approved a baseball and football stadium and how to pay for it. In 1997, legislation was passed creating the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority. The Sports Authority then leased the baseball stadium to the ‘Stros for 30 years. It is ours but they run it.

During this past off season the ‘Stros decided to go to with LED system for The Yard because it would be more efficient – cheaper light bills I guess.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that it was uncomfortable. I also said that it looked like players were having trouble seeing some fly balls. Well guess what happened last night? Here is Tags’ piece:

As a small gathering of reporters waited at his locker Thursday night, Astros right fielder George Springer got dressed and turned around and said, “Lights.” No questions were needed, though Springer took some time to express his frustration over losing a ball in the Minute Maid Park lights in a crucial sixth inning.

The Royals rallied for five runs after two outs after Springer couldn’t track down a sinking line drive off the bat of Lorenzo Cain in the lights. The Royals pulled away and held on for a 6-2 win, taking three of four games from the Astros.

Springer has appeared to have trouble with the new LED lights at Minute Maid Park at least four times this year, but losing Cain’s ball proved to be costly.

“Yeah, they’re tough,” he said. “It’s bright. It’s not easy to see the ball. It cost us a game today.”

When asked what can be done about the lights, Springer quipped: “Play during the day so they don’t turn them on.”

Astros manager A.J. Hinch said Springer and the rest of the outfielders need to make adjustments.

“We’re going to play the most games here of anybody in the league, so it’s certainly something to continue to work on,” he said. “There’s not much you can do about it. The lights are there and they’re not moving. We’ll make the adjustments.

“I don’t know if because it’s straight on in dead right field or if it’s the trajectories of some of the balls off the bats against the righties or lefties or what the issue is. It could be just bad luck, too. Everybody’s got to play under the same conditions. We certainly don’t want misfortune to find us all the time.”

Springer said the lights are trouble for a right fielder on balls hit into the gap.

“[The lights] are not ideal but I’m not going to complain about it,” Springer said. “It is what it is, and we’re just going to have to learn to play with it.”

After Cain reached on what was originally ruled an error and changed to a single, Eric Hosmer hit the first of three consecutive doubles, and the Royals were off and running.

“It’s a pretty helpless feeling, but you can’t do anything about it,” Springer said. “I catch that ball if it’s not in the lights.”

Yes they can do something about it! A few hundred millions of taxpayer dollars went in to build the stadium. Heck we are still paying for it. We are not supposed to have a lighting system that is going to create vision issues for our outfielders. We are not supposed to have a lighting system that is going to cost us some games. It is also ridiculous to have a lighting system that is going to be uncomfortable for some fans.

Adjustments my arse!

The ‘Stros front office hasn’t said much about this but when one of your key players says it is a problem, then it is a problem!

Commentary likes to brag that we have one of the best baseball venues in all of MLB. I can’t say that today with that dumb lighting system they got out there. What is it going to take to fix the lights? Losing out of the playoffs by one freaking game?

Fix the durn lights!

‘Stros hitters lead MLB with 102 whiffs of course.

We are 3-7 with the Tigers in town for three.  We certainly do not look like the 2015 ‘Stros.

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