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So we have been used to watching scripted political party national conventions like forever. Some of the networks have severely curtailed their coverage the last few conventions because of the scripted conventions. Now it looks as though we are headed toward our first unscripted convention in decades. I have already checked my schedule and the ‘Stros are in Oakland the week of the Republican National Convention.  I will be glued to the flat screen.

Now that the Sen. Ted Cruz Campaign and D.C. GOP insiders are working together against Donald Trump, we are probably not going to hear Cruz criticize the “Washington Cartel.” Heck, they are now united.

According to a number of articles today and yesterday, the Clintons are growing more frustrated that this primary keeps dragging on and on. The Clintons need to blame the Dems across the country that gave the Sen. Bernie Sanders Campaign $44 million last month. A number of Dem voters want to see this race continue. If Sanders doesn’t get the dough, he folds, but that isn’t happening.

The ‘Stros have now won four Opening Day games in a row. In 2012, who did we lose to on Opening Day?

For Latinos, it’s personal. This is why the GOP can kiss off Latino voters this November. Now Trump is saying we can’t send our hard earned money to our families in Mexico.   This is from an AP story:

Donald Trump would try to force Mexico to pay for a border wall by targeting billions of dollars in remittances sent by immigrants living in the U.S., according to a memo released by his campaign Tuesday.

The memo outlines in new detail how Trump would try to compel Mexico to pay for the 1,000-mile wall he’s promised to build along the Southern border if he becomes president.

In his proposal, Trump threatened to change a rule under the USA Patriot Act, an anti-terrorism law, to cut off a portion of the funds sent to Mexico through money transfers known as remittances. His plan would also bar non-Americans from wiring money outside of the U.S. unless they can provide documentation establishing their legal status in the country.

Trump said he would withdraw the threat if Mexico makes “a one-time payment of $5-10 billion” to finance the wall.

Why is there silence from GOP leaders on this? Is this OK? Does Trump have you so spooked that not allowing folks to send their own hard earned money to family in Mexico is OK. This is personal. Hey GOP!  Say adios to Latino voters this presidential election!

Talking about a bridge too far. Yesterday I switched the flat screen to the H-Town City Council meeting after the ballgame and some residents from neighborhoods around Richmond and Weslayan streets were complaining about the city fixing to apply for highway grant money to build a 1000 foot long bridge on Richmond to go over the railroad tracks in that area. They were complaining that nobody from the surrounding neighborhoods has been consulted and they have had absolutely zilch input. Their council member Greg Travis didn’t know about the grant application either and is clearly on their side.

In listening to their concerns, the residents acknowledge that they have to sit in their cars on Richmond as trains roll by and seem to have accepted this.

Here is what I don’t get. A few years ago, some folks in the East End had a huge emotional debate over Metro’s plan to construct an overpass over railroad tracks on Harrisburg to accommodate the East End Light Rail Line. Weren’t the folks over at City Hall paying attention to what was going on in the East End? I am anxious to learn how the City ‘splains why they were moving forward with an application without input from the neighborhoods.

The last time the ‘Stros lost on Opening Day was in 2012 when we lost to the Rockies 5-4 at The Yard of course.

That was a pretty good win yesterday.

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