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This tweet just in:

Houston Chronicle ‏@HoustonChron 6m6 minutes ago

Breaking: Today’s @Astros, @Yankees game has been postponed due to bad weather: http://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/Astros-Yankees-opening-day-game-in-New-York-7226389.php … #OpeningDay


Houston Astros ‏@astros 16m16 minutes ago

Today’s Opening Day game has been postponed due to inclement weather. It will be made up tomorrow, April 5, at 12:05 PM CT.

If you take the Chron, you read yesterday’s front page story on how State Sen. Rodney Ellis makes a living. Nothing new to me except for the details.

Here is what Kuffer said about the article:

There’s no allegation of any wrongdoing – indeed, as Smith notes, Sen. Ellis has been a leader on ethical issues. He’s also made money off the system as it exists, playing within the rules while also having a hand in writing those rules. How you feel about this is up to you. I’m of a mind that we imperfect human beings to office, and human beings by their nature seek to do well for themselves. What I want from my political leaders is a commitment to making things better for everyone. On that score, Sen. Ellis has a lot of accomplishments. You tell me what the rest of it means to you.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=73558.

Charles is a Dem precinct chair in Precinct 1. He does not say if he is voting for Sen. Ellis for Commissioner.

Ok. I get why the Chron put Rodney on the front page. I wonder if the Chron will give the same treatment to the others wanting to be the next Commissioner.

I am sure if the Chron gives Commissioner Gene Locke the front page treatment, they will probably focus on his clients and Gene being the ultimate insider and there is nothing wrong with that. Gene is very knowledgeable on local politics – the players, policies, and institutions. He is one of the best if not the best.

I like both Gene and Rodney and I get along well with both. Both are hard workers.

Are there any others making a serious run at this?

Stay tuned for sure.

The MLB season is on. MLB Commissioner Manfred sent us a letter yesterday. Here is a part of the letter:

As we begin our 2016 regular season, millions of fans around the world can realistically hope that their team will be playing October baseball and contending for a World Championship. Our game is characterized by great competitive balance. The last five seasons have produced more playoff teams – 24 – than any such period in baseball history and we have now gone a record 15 straight years without a repeat World Series Champion.

Ok, name the last repeat World Serious champion?

I tweeted this from The Yard this past Friday:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary Apr 1

Hey @astros . @twhite409 is a first baseman and not a tight end. Give him a real number.

Tyler White will be wearing the number 13.

Commentary went by Barnes and Noble on Saturday and got me a signed copy of Tags’ “100 Things Astros Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.”

The Yankees of course won World Serious rings in 1998, 1999 and 2000 for a threepeat – got it!

This tweet just in:

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMorales 10m10 minutes ago Bronx, NY

Hinch says Gregerson will be the primary closer.

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