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Can we stop calling these 100 year or 500 year or 50 year events when it comes to these massive rainstorms? WTF does that mean anyway?

Yesterday was pretty much a rainout. Just caught up with stuff and had the flat screen coverage of the flooding going on. I always feel for the folks that get flooded.

My high/lowlights of the day were:

1)  Watching folks trying to save the horses.

2)  The Channel 13 reporter helping fish a stranded motorist out of the water down the street on Studemont and I-10.

3)  The lady being hauled out of her apartment complex in a Kenmore, or was it a Whirlpool?

4)  Watching Click2Houston go dark at around 6:15 am, then when they returned, watching them go the low tech route in their coverage. I think they had to use candles for lighting and they were filming their laptop screens – brutal.

5)  Running into a soggy Chron reporter pulling duty on the Taylor Street Bridge on my way to collect my SpringerDinger Chick-fil-A and only to find it closed, then driving over to the one off the North Loop by the Home Depot and only to find the only way to order was to sit in the drive thru lane then being told as I ordered that the because of an employee shortage, they were not doing the Chick-fil-A promotion – drats!

Every time we have an area wide major flooding event, some of the local media park themselves over at I-10 and Studemont because it floods easily. Commentary is thinking the fella that got fished out by the Channel 13 reporter is probably not from my ‘hood or maybe is new to the ‘hood because a most of us know to avoid that stretch of road during a major rain event.

Big Papi will be at The Yard this weekend for three. He’s never won an AL MVP Award but he was runner-up once. When was he the runner-up and who won it that season?

Then these tweets came out yesterday:

Houston Astros ‏@astros Apr 16

Springer just crushed one off the left field foul pole! #Astros up 2-0!


Houston Astros ‏@astros Apr 16

You know what that means…free Chicken Sandwich from Houston area Chick-fil-As on Monday for everyone with a ticket from tonight’s game!


Houston Astros ‏@astros 3m3 minutes ago

UPDATE: Due to the rain today, this offer is valid through Tuesday, April 19.

Alright, alright, alright!

In 2005 of course, Big Papi was runner-up to A-Rod for the AL MVP Award.

I guess I will drop by Dougie’s party this evening then tune in to the New York results when I get home.

Let’s see how we do in Arlington this week.

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