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Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968.  President Lyndon Johnson declared Sunday, April 7, 1968 as a National Day of Mourning.  A number of MLB clubs were scheduled to have their Home Opening Day on Monday, April 8, including the Astros who were hosting the Pirates.

Pirates players including Roberto Clemente, Donn Clendenon, Willie Stargell and Maury Wills didn’t want to play until after Dr. King’s funeral which still hadn’t been scheduled.  They got buy-in from Astros’ Bob Watson and Jimmy Wynn.  African American players on teams throughout MLB said they didn’t want to play until after the funeral. MLB and the owners pushed back.

The funeral was then scheduled for Tuesday, April 9.  MLB rescheduled all openers to April 10.

Now you know.

It turns out the rally that turned into the insurrection was organized by Donald Trump campaign folks.  Convict him.

This from Politico sounds like something out of a movie:

Every single one of the 25,000 National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C. this week is being vetted by the FBI as officials fret over the prospect of an insider attack on Joe Biden’s inauguration. The checks, reported by the Associated Press, started last week and will be completed by the time the event kicks off on Wednesday morning. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told AP that no evidence of an inside threat has been found, but no risks can be taken after the deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters earlier this month. “We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” McCarthy told the news wire. Two and a half times more National Guard troops have been assigned to Biden’s inauguration than were sent to previous events.

I read where they are calling the fur horned face painted U.S. Capitol rioter “Dances with Karens.”  That’s funny.

CNN reported last night that Donald Trump is expected to make 100 pardons by tomorrow.  I wonder if Rudy Giuliani, AG Ken Paxton and Al Capone are in the bunch.

Commentary doesn’t spend a lot of dough on the Texans.  I got a little bit of gear.  A few shirts, a lid and a hoodie.  I am not going to weigh in on their front office moves.  I will just say this.  The Astros have gone to three World Series.  I think the Rockets have been to four NBA Finals.  The Oilers and now Texans have never been in the NFL title game – the Super Bowl.

Houston NFL teams have played in two conference championship games.  Tom Brady will be playing in his fourteenth conference championship game this weekend. That’s all I am going to say.

Former Astros pitcher Wandy Rodriguez is 42 today.  The lefty last pitched for us in 2012.  He was part of our World Series team in 2005.  Happy Birthday, Wandy!

Two days, baby!

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