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Last Days

Commentary was watching when CNN first showed Donald Trump’s video committing to a peaceful transition yesterday evening. My first reactions were, he is trying to avoid another impeachment or the 25th amendment, he’s trying to avoid jail time, and he wants back on social media. He looked totally gutted. He knows it’s over.  He has broken during these last few days.

Ok now.  A couple of Cabinet Secretaries are jumping ship like rats.  Looks like no one will be around to do the 25th amendment. Just saying.

The Chron E-Board wants Trump removed.  Here is how they end their take today:

This is no longer about Donald Trump. This is about the country. Our nation of laws is under attack from within. We have no confidence the threat has been neutralized.

Here is the entire E-Board take: Editorial: Trump is a threat. Pence, Cabinet must consider stripping power – HoustonChronicle.com.

I think the U.S. House just ought to bring articles of impeachment to the House floor on Monday and get a quick up and down vote and let the Republicans squirm for the final week of Trump’s time in office.

12 days, baby.

MAGA riot inciter Sen. Josh Hawley lost a major book deal, his biggest campaign donor no longer supports him and the two largest newspapers in his state want him to resign.

Our Lone Star State embarrassment continues to look like a complete arsehole.

When President-Elect Joe Biden announced his nominees for the top Department of Justice positions yesterday, he pointed out the difference in the law enforcement response to BLM protesters and the MAGA mob at our U.S. Capitol.  It is going to be good to have a President that will call this out.

Not again.  Here is this from the Chron:

Former Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole asked a now-fired clubhouse attendant for a sticky substance to doctor baseballs during his 2019 season, while Justin Verlander commiserated with the man following his termination for providing the supplies, according to court documents obtained Thursday.

On Jan. 17, 2019, Cole texted Brian “Bubba” Harkins, a longtime visiting clubhouse attendant at Angel Stadium, asking “if you could help me out with this sticky situation” and adding a winking emoji.

“We don’t see you until May,” Cole wrote, “but we have some road games in April that are in cold weather places. The stuff I had last year seizes up when it gets cold.”

Harkins was fired on March 3, 2020, after a Major League Baseball investigation discovered he provided opposing pitchers with various sticky substances that aided their grips. Harkins filed suit against the Angels and Major League Baseball in September claiming he was a “scapegoat” for the league’s efforts to crack down on foreign substances.

In a conversation with Harkins on March 7, Verlander allegedly said he wanted to back Harkins publicly, but “with the scrutiny that their team is under it will be very difficult.”

Here is the entire read: Justin Verlander, ex-Astros teammate Gerrit Cole linked to doctored baseballs – HoustonChronicle.com.

I don’t know what to say.

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