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This is CNN

On Impeachment 2, there is no he didn’t do anything wrong defense.  It is just there are only a few days left or let’s unite the country.  They all know he incited the MAGA mob. All of our states’ capitols are targets.  Impeachment must move forward.

From today’s Chron:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is telling his supporters to stop blaming left-wing activists for the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Patrick, one of President Donald Trump’s most important allies in Texas, told supporters in a lengthy message over the weekend that the people involved in storming the Capitol were Trump supporters. Some in the conservative world have tried to claim it was left-wing activists who were parading as Trump supporters.

“There are no excuses for those who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday,” Patrick said. “Five people died. And, sadly, it appears that most of the protesters inside the Capitol were Trump supporters.”

Patrick said one reason he knows that is that antifa protesters — a decentralized anti-fascism movement — typically cover their faces.

I wonder what got into Lt. Gov. Patrick?

The Chron E-Board is not too happy with Trump coming to Texas today. Here is a taste of what they are saying today:

Don’t be distracted by President Trump’s Tuesday visit to Texas.

Don’t be fooled into believing a White House spokesman who claimed this hurried trip to Hidalgo County is to mark “a promise made, promise kept — and his Administration’s efforts to reform our broken immigration system.”

Trump didn’t keep the promise. After four years, the “big, beautiful” wall he promised from sea to shining sea includes a grand total of 30 new miles. And news flash: Mexico didn’t pay for it.

More importantly, though, Trump’s scurry to the Lone Star State is a blatant attempt to distract from the violent insurrection his dishonest and hate-filled rhetoric helped incite. It’s a stunt to draw attention away from an impeachment effort on Capitol Hill, the very place a horde of his fanatical supporters stormed last week. Five people died, including a Capitol police officer.

Here is the E-Board take: Editorial: Don’t bring your mess to Texas, President Trump – HoustonChronicle.com,

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick will not join Trump when he visits today.  I wonder if Sen. Ted Cruz, AG Ken Paxton or Ag Commish Sid Miller will greet him?

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said no thanks to a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump.  Another repudiation of sorts. He also probably didn’t want to risk catching COVID-19 at a super spreader hub.  A couple of days ago, the PGA took away playing the PGA Championship next year from one of Trump’s golf courses.  Of course, why was it scheduled there in the first place.

My good friend, State Rep. Christina Morales, is at the State Capitol.  Yesterday, she texted me a photo of a portion of one of the Texas House legislative photo composites that hang throughout the Capitol hallways.  The part that she texted me was centered on my best friend, former State Rep. Al Luna.  There are 8 other members in the photo including former State Rep. Ralph Wallace who used to represent House District 145, now represented by Rep. Morales.  I texted her back that tidbit.  Three in the photo are no longer with us including Wallace, former State Rep. Al Edwards and Cong. Frank Tejeda.

CNN announced promotions and changes yesterday.  Jim Acosta will leave the White House beat and become a weekend anchor and senior correspondent.  Kaitlin Collins will be chief White House Correspondent.  Arlette Saenz, who has been covering the Joe Biden campaign will now cover the White House. 

Jake Tapper will be the lead anchor for breaking news.  Dana Bash will co-anchor Sunday’s “State of the Union.” Abby Phillip will anchor Sunday’s “Inside Politics.” Pamela Brown will anchor the weekend evenings. 

Commentary likes anchors Brooke Baldwin, Kate Bolduan, Fredericka Whitfield and Ana Cabrera.  They have been true soldiers for CNN. I hope their roles are not diminished.

This is CNN. Stay tuned.

52 years ago, today, the Jets led by Joe Namath beat the Colts in Super Bowl III and the rest is history.

Former Astro Casey Candaele is 60 today.  Happy Birthday, Casey!

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