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Play Ball?

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says the impeachment trial is dead on arrival at the U.S. Senate.  No, it is not.  Sen. Paul and others are going to have to vote to acquit an insurrectionist.

You know what the difference between this month and last month.  A month ago, the fella at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was trying to overthrow an election.  This month, President Biden has a laser like focus on ridding us of COVID-19.

I don’t know about this from the Chron:

An email sent to season-ticket holders Tuesday morning praised the signing of free-agent outfielder Michael Brantley and told fans “don’t miss your chance to see him.” The club advertised a flex plan that allows fans to purchase 20 or 40 ticket vouchers for use at any home game.

Astros spokeswoman Anita Sehgal said the club is still finalizing many of its protocols and plans for the 2021 season but estimated as many as 12,000 people could be accommodated for the beginning of the season. The Astros’ home opener is scheduled for April 8 against the Oakland Athletics. The team is allowing fans for its annual Division II college tournament at Minute Maid Park this weekend, though it did not reveal an exact number.

“We’re working through what that number would be (in the regular season),” said Sehgal, the team’s senior vice president for marketing and communications. “I’m not sure that it’ll be a clean percentage amount, but it will probably be somewhere close to 25 percent or anywhere around 10 to 12,000 people. It will vary depending on how we do the bowl versus suites and premium areas. But it will be somewhere around 25 percent.”

How many folks will be vaccinated by Opening Day?  Can a person still catch and transmit COVID-19 after they are vaccinated?  Will masks be required? Will fans be tested prior to entering The Yard?  What about the variant strain that is making the rounds? There are too many unanswered questions.

I understand the need to play ball. I understand the need for ticket revenue and selling concessions.

Even after I get the vaccine, I am still hesitant to go.  Commentary is all paid up for this season.  At this point, I am not convinced it is safe to attend.  I would opt out today.

Opening Day is a little over two months away.  We will see.

The vile hater Curt Schilling didn’t make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Baseball writers are saying it was the character thing.  You know, praising insurrectionists is a character flaw in my book.

Schilling is requesting to be removed from next year’s ballot.  I hope they honor his request.  The guy is trash pure and simple.   Wipe your hands of this piece of sh_t.

There were no Hall of Fame inductees to announce yesterday.  Eligible players could not get the 75% of votes cast.  Oh, well.

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