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Commentary got this response on my Hall of Cowards take from yesterday:

Interesting position. When is it acceptable for illegal aliens to come to where the legislators gather so as to try and influence duly elected representatives of the citizens? Then, to be threatened by another member on the State House floor, and further, to be called a coward by a partisan from the party enabling the lawlessness. Only in America can the lawless be portrayed as victims by the propagandists in the media. – royko

Let’s see.

How about Russia trying to influence the 2016 presidential election? Is that acceptable?

If paperless folks can fix our roofs, mow our lawns, wash our dishes when we eat out, why can’t they have opinions?

I get how our outrage is selective these days. That is the climate we are in and it has been exacerbated by Donald Trump.

When Kathy Griffin did her thing yesterday, Commentary just yawned. A ton of folks went ballistic.

When a state representative says he called ICE and starts a melee on the Texas House floor, why aren’t his GOP colleagues outraged?   Now it turns out there is no record of him calling ICE, so he made up a story and lied to his fellow House Members and purposely created a tense situation, where is the outrage?

The KKK is handing out recruitment flyers in Texas City, where is the outrage?

Donald Trump said 3 to 5 million folks voted illegally and he doesn’t have proof, where is the outrage?

ICE is breaking up families across the USA every day, where is the outrage?

Dan Patrick has declared war on transgender kids, where is the outrage?

The Chron today is reporting the City of Pasadena makes it nearly impossible for residents to get public information, where is the outrage?

Trump is going to pull out of the Paris agreement while our climate is going bonkers, where is the outrage.

Greg Abbott jokes about shooting reporters, where is the outrage.

Everybody gets to pick their own outrage these days. Now that’s outrageous.

37-16. Our previous best record after 53 games was 33-20 back in 1998. We are still up by 11 and wrap up the series with the Twins with a noontime start today.

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