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A Few Things

A.J. Hinch is the skipper of the ‘Stros. What does the “A.J.” stand for?

Commentary went to The Yard yesterday evening. I did not notice an increased security presence. Maybe it was there but I didn’t notice anything.

It looks like pension reform will get a final vote in Austin today. Here is from the Chron:

“The people of Houston can now be assured that the pension systems will remain solvent in the years to come,” Sen. Joan Huffman, the Houston Republican who carried the bill, said after the vote. “They don’t have to worry that police and fire workers will have to be laid off. It’s a good solution for everybody, I think.”

Fire pension chairman David Keller disagreed, saying he was disappointed, though not surprised, by the vote. He called on the House to reject the proposal, which he says is “punitive” to firefighters.

“The House voted overwhelmingly to amend SB 2190 and to make it more fair for firefighters,” he said. “With these amendments stripped it is no longer the legislation they approved and sent to conference; it is now back to the unfair legislation it was before and should be defeated.”

Like I said before, it’s politics, baby!   More tomorrow after the vote.

Speaking of, there are a couple of responses in today’s Chron to Chris Bell’s Op-Ed opposing the H-Town revenue cap. Go check them out. On a related note, some folks are wondering why they have to cough up more dough to the city and still not be able to recycle glass. Good question.

It you watch the ‘Stros on the flat screen, you know Julia Morales. She does the interviews before and after the games. During the game, she gives us interesting info. Did you know that her dad is Victor Morales, the fella who was the Texas Dem nominee for U.S. Senator back in 1996? Remember the white pick-up truck? Now you know.

On the Chron’s website you can find some tidbits on Julia. Check it out here: http://www.chron.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/article/Things-to-know-about-Astros-reporter-Julia-Morales-11167767.php.

I was reading the team’s “Gameday” magazine before the game at The Yard yesterday. Every month they feature a season ticket holder. This issue they featured Cheryl and Kayla who sit nearby. In the feature, Kayla says her favorite player is #SpringerDinger. Last night, #SpingerDinger was playing right field and he caught a fly ball to end the eighth. As he headed back to the dugout he tossed the ball in my direction and I snagged it and then I walked over and handed the ball to Kayla. It made her night for sure.

Andrew Jay is for A.J. in A.J. Hinch of course.

We are now 31-15. We have a 7 game lead. We still have the best record in MLB. It is Dollar Dog Night tonight.

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