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The ‘Stros are sitting at 22-11 and 6 games up. Where were we sitting after 33 games last season?

Commentary said this yesterday:

I think it is time for the FBI Director to fade away.

And this:

This fella has no credibility. He has had a very bad year. His reputation is shot. Show him the exit door, please.

Of course, I was talking about the Huma emails mix-up. Everybody knows he wasn’t fired because of the emails. He was fired because the Russians wanted him fired – allegedly.

R.G. tweeted this:

Suddenly, Democrats like James Comey.

I get where the Dems are coming from. Commentary certainly wasn’t a fan and I am glad he is gone. Just remember, the Russians wanted him fired.

This tweet:

Yamiche Alcindor‏ Verified account @Yamiche 14h14 hours ago

Kellyanne Conway just now on @CNN: There’s no investigation by the FBI into people surrounding President Trump and Russian. (That’s false.)

Followed by this:

Soledad O’Brien Retweeted Yamiche Alcindor

A good question for CNN would be: is there a point at which you stop allowing people on your air when they lie constantly?

The problem, if CNN were to agree with Soledad, they couldn’t have anyone on from the White House.

From the Trib today:

Matthew Dowd, a political commentator and former strategist for George W. Bush, announced Wednesday that he will not challenge U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in 2018.

I don’t know who ever took this seriously except for maybe Matthew.

The ‘Stros were 13-20 and 6 ½ games down of course after 33 games last season.

Close to 29,000 showed up at The Yard last night. We are getting there.


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