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The ‘Stros are 21-11, our best record after 32 games. We have been 21-11 on one other occasion – name the year?

It goes without saying that the Latinos in Pasadena politics have their work cut out for them. The three Latino candidates for mayor got a combined 22.56% share of the total votes cast. Of course, you can look at the bright side and say if only one Latino had run and he or she had received the 22.56%, he or she would be in the runoff. The Latinos running for Pasadena ISD trustee positions who the local Dems were supporting didn’t do so hot either.

Commentary is guessing the rest of Texas is now catching up to H-Town. Check out this tweet that went out over the past weekend:

Texas Monthly‏Verified account@TexasMonthly 2h2 hours ago

Partisan politics are creeping into non-partisan races.

I retweeted it with this:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 1h1 hour ago

Marc Campos Retweeted Texas Monthly

@HoustonTX elections have been partisan for nearly two decades. Welcome to the party.

Texas MonthlyVerified account @TexasMonthly

Partisan politics are creeping into non-partisan races.

Here is from the Texas Monthly article by R.G.:

For decades in Texas, cities and school boards were the final bastion of party free elections. Candidates ran without labels, and the issues tended to lean toward where services were provided or whether to set a bond election to build a new school. Sure, everyone knew whether a candidate for mayor had Republican or Democratic leanings, but the party line wasn’t part of the debate.

No more.

At a time when many people want to tone down partisanship, the Texas state Democratic Party and some Republicans are trying to make elections in the Lone Star State even more partisan—especially with the upcoming May 6 elections for city councils and school boards. Even if city charters and school district laws call for non-partisan elections, the parties want to erase that line.

The dead canary in our non-partisan election coal mine may very well have been the November 2015 mayor’s race in Houston between winner Sylvester Turner and Bill King. Although the issues of city pensions and infrastructure remained paramount in the debate, both the Republicans and Democrats organized get-out-the-vote efforts for Turner and King. As the Houston Chronicle reported:

Here is all of R.G.’s piece: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/partisans-coming-cities-schools/?utm_content=buffer953f2&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer.

Nope! I have to disagree. It started way before 2015. We have to go back to after the election of Lee Brown as Mayor in 1997. The local GOP decided after his election win that they needed to elect more GOPers to the H-Town City Council in a move designed to rein in Mayor Brown. Remember the slugfest between Mayor Brown and City Council Member Orlando Sanchez back in 2001. That was very partisan. Like it or not, partisanship has been part of our City of H-Town elections. Of course, if you look at what happened in City Council District C in 2015 in the mayoral race, you wonder, well I don’t know, you just wonder, some Dems didn’t give a rat’s arse.

It has been the routine for years now. Someone wanting to run for city council, school board or community college meets with Commentary and one of the questions I ask them is what party primary have they voted in because it could be an issue if you catch my drift.

I don’t think anyone expected the 84% Prop 1 rout over at HISD. Nice job. Congrats. Now go write that $77 mil check.

Here is from Billboard on the soon to be Beatles Channel on Sirius:

The Beatles Channel lineup:

Breakfast with The Beatles: A daily morning show featuring all things Beatles and hosted by Chris Carter.

A Day in the Life: A daily feature of notable milestones of the band.

My Fab Four: A daily guest DJ session.

Beatle Bites: Daily “name the song” quiz..

Request Hotline: Fans can call a dedicated number (844-999-BEATLES) to make requests.

The Fab Fourum: A live weekly call-in roundtable show hosted by Dennis Elsas and Bill Flanagan.

Peter Asher: From Me To You: A weekly series featuring Asher, who was half of Peter & Gordon.

Magical Mini Concert: A weekly fantasy concert featuring live music from The Beatles and their solo works.

Northern Songs with Bill Flanagan:  A regular show from Flanagan, focusing on themes that tell the story of The Beatles, their music and the effect it had on generations of fans.

Get Back: The Beatles in Britain: Monthly show hosted by Geoff Lloyd and recorded in and around London and Liverpool that offers the UK perspective of the Beatles phenomenon.

And from ew.com:

The Beatles Channel will not only spin well-known tracks by the band, but also rarities and live cuts, material from their respective solo careers, and “musicians who have inspired, and have drawn inspiration from, the Beatles.”

“My Sweet Lord”, “Imagine”, now you can take your “Photograph” and then “Live and Let Die.” I’m funny!  FYI: George co-wrote “Photograph” with Ringo.

In 1973, the ‘Stros started out at 21-11. Heck, they won their next game and started out 22-11.

10 games above .500. A 5 ½ game lead. We have the day off then host The ATL for 2.

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