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Go Rockets Day!

The ‘Stros are now 23-11. 23-11 is the best record we have ever had after 34 games. We wrapped up a 2 game series win over The ATL yesterday. What is our series record this season?

The H-Town Mayor has declared today “Go Rockets Day” so if you are wearing gear like Commentary, you don’t have to go to work. Just tell your boss you will send over your day off excuse letter from James Harden later.

Various news outlets are saying that Sean Spicer may be on his way out because Donald Trump likes the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends his lies. Translation: She is a better and more convincing liar than Spicer.

Probably the best thing I read yesterday on the firing of the FBI Director was that the Director told his staff that Trump was “crazy.” No s__t?

Sorry folks! I kept hearing yesterday from GOPers that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a stellar reputation. I have to inform folks that anyone who goes to work for Trump automatically loses their reputations. Don’t argue with me.

Jeffrey Toobin was outraged yesterday on CNN because the US press wasn’t allowed access to the Oval Office but the Russia media was granted access. Former Trump toadie Jason Miller wasn’t outraged so that’s all you need to know.

Commentary will say it again. The folks who run the Texans are not smarter than you and me. Here is a bit from Jerome Solomon of the Chron:

Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien remind me of those black-and-white sitcom vacuum cleaner salesmen.

You know, the ones who would pull out a bag of dirt and dump it all over the carpet just after Hazel or Lucy or June opened the door?

The goal of these fast-talking, smooth operators was to convince naive consumers that they were not only doing them a favor by cleaning up the mess, but that they alone had the right tool to cleanup said mess.

That they made the mess is beside the point.

Almost anybody can fall for the dirt-packing vacuum cleaner salesman once. But when he shows up for the seventh or eighth time, shouldn’t you be a little a little skeptical?

Here is the entire column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/article/Texans-QB-sales-pitch-falls-flat-11137036.php?cmpid=twitter-mobile.

Ain’t it the truth.

We have a 9-2 series record this season of course.  Not bad.

We are at Yankee Stadium for a 4 game series that starts this evening.

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