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Twitter Day

Famous last words: Let this go.

I ran across this fact on Twitter yesterday:

This Baseball Hall of Fame great had over 3,000 base hits with exactly half of his base hits at home and the other half on the road. He is no longer with us and he played on just one team – in the National League. Let me help you out here. There only 29 MLB players with over 3,000 base hits. Roberto Clemente had 3,000. 5 of the 29 are not in the Hall of Fame. 15 of the HOFers 3,000 plus career base hits are still around. Of the 6 deceased HOFers with an even numbered total career 3,000 plus base hits, only one played his entire career on the same team in the National League. Name the player.

Can we agree that Donald Trump is sh___ing all over himself?

Yesterday was one of those days for Commentary where I just sat back and watched Twitter explode with me replying to an occasional tweet.

You have to figure that the GOP is certainly worried about 2018. GOP members of Congress certainly were not in the mood to go on camera yesterday evening. Here is a small sample from yesterday.

First from the White House Nazi:

Fox News‏Verified account @FoxNews

.@SebGorka: “It’s no longer fake news. It’s now dishonest news.” #Hannity

Shut the f__k up!

This is my favorite from yesterday:

Keir Murray Retweeted

Rachael Bade‏Verified account@rachaelmbade

I just asked @DarrellIssa abt the Comey news and he flicked me off — literally gave me the middle finger — and kept walking. Said nothing

Issa is more worried about getting reelected next year. Now he is denying it this morning despite witness who saw him shoot the bird.

Just look at this one. He is never shy about putting out outrageous takes:

Texas Tribune Retweeted

Abby Livingston‏Verified account@TexasTribAbby

Rep Randy Weber says he spent most of the last week on vacation with his grandchildren and is still catching up with the news

Then this one:

Sarah Westwood‏Verified account@sarahcwestwood

.@FoxNews reporting on the air now that they can’t get a Republican member on the air right now to defend Trump

And this:

Texas Tribune Retweeted

Abby Livingston‏Verified account@TexasTribAbby

Hard to describe the feeling in the air at the Capitol today. But it ain’t normal.

And from this morning:

Pulitzer Non-Winner Retweeted

Ed O’Keefe‏Verified account@edatpost

Wow: @CBSThisMorning says it asked 20 GOP lawmakers to be a guest this AM to talk about Trump. And asked the WH for someone. ALL declined.

It is tough being a GOPer this morning.

How about them ‘Stros? Check these:

Houston Astros‏ @astros

#AstrosWin 12-2! Series win! Three straight! Win streak!


Jake Kaplan


The Astros beat the Marlins, 12-2. They have won 70 percent of their games so far.


ABC13 Houston Retweeted

Greg Bailey‏Verified account@GregBailey13

#Astros move to 28–12. Chasing history.


Brian McTaggart‏ @brianmctaggart

The Astros are 28-12 at roughly the 1/4th point of season. You do the math.


Aaron Stough Retweeted

Mike Acosta‏@AstrosTalk

It’s been ten years since an AL team won 28 of their first 40 games. The Astros continue their best start in franchise history at 28-12.

Hall of Fame great Stan “The Man” Musial of course had 1,815 base hits at home and 1,815 hit on the road.

The last game of the current roadie starts at 11:10 am our time later on this morning.


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