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The first H-Town Mayoral candidate forum is two weeks from the today. The second one is the next day. One is at the Asia Society Texas Center and the other is at UH. I am guessing all of the candidates will attend. I am also thinking that both forums will be well attended. I am looking forward to hearing how neutral observers grade the candidates.

I really don’t want to hear the back and forth from other candidates on who Rev. Bill Lawson was sitting next to at the forums.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg put it on Blue Bell this morning. Here is how she ends her column:

In this case, Blue Bell appears to have chosen profit above the health and safety of customers. That’s a sad truth no singing cow can mask.

Even if the ice cream comes back, that innocent mystique is gone forever.

I feel for those who lost their jobs. Their leadership let them down.

Name the MLB club with the lowest team batting average?

Tonight is David Letterman’s final show. The Chron reminded us yesterday about the time when he first went on CBS and Channel 11 was one of the stations that used to show it later than most. I had almost forgotten about that. Here is about a time when Letterman visited Channel 11 with the show running at the later time:

That had to be an awkward visit.

David Letterman dropped by Houston on March 9, 1993, as part of a brief goodwill stop at the Houston station that would soon carry his late-night show after a long run on NBC.

Problem was, KHOU was one of a handful of stations that planned to air Letterman’s show a little later in the night. As the Houston Post’s Eric Gerber noted at the time of his visit:

Although the visit to Channel 11 is intended to be quick (90 minutes or so) and cordial, there could be some awkward moments, too. The station has decided to delay Dave’s new show half an hour in this market (till 11:05 p.m.). Dave and CBS aren’t happy about that. But Channel 11, which will put more money directly into its station coffers showing the new syndicated tabloid program “American Journal,” says Dave and CBS should be happy they’re on at all.

Letterman and Channel 11’s folks will both be smiling a lot for the cameras, but it’s not all hearts and flowers, folks.

Back then, Houston was the only Top 10 market that delayed his show by a half-hour.

For Letterman, this was nothing new. In the 1980s, Gerber wrote, KPRC (Channel 2) delayed his show so the station could run “Love Connection” after the “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” KPRC eventually began showing Letterman at 11:30 in 1987.

KHOU would come around, too. In 1995, Letterman moved to 10:35, where he’s been for the last 20 years. That ends Wednesday as the talk-show host brings his late-night career to a close.

The ‘Stros are dead last in team batting average in MLB with a .229 average of course.

These tweets from last night:

#VoteAstros ‏@astros 13m13 minutes ago
With 3 more home runs last night, the #Astros have 60 homers, most in MLB. #Power

#VoteAstros @astros · 10h 10 hours ago
The #Astros are 26-14. It’s the team’s best record after 40 games in franchise history. #Represent

Only 17,000 and change showed up last night at The Yard. I know, I know – Rockets basketball. The homie wraps up today with Dollar Dogs.

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