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I am thinking if Open Carry goes to the Governor’s desk, why not sign the bill at the Twin Peaks parking lot in Waco.

It is the culture that some folks promote here in Texas.

Here is what State Sen. Joan Huffman said yesterday about the Open Carry bill and the Waco Shootout:

“This bill does nothing to try to legislate against criminal behavior. We have plenty of laws to prevent the kind of incident that occurred at Twin Peaks. This bill does not have anything to do with what went on yesterday.”

How can she say that with a straight face when a contingent of law enforcement officials were at the scene when it happened?

She obviously will never get it. The Chron E-Board gets it. Here is part of what they said today:

Imagine how much worse the Waco mayhem could have been. It took place at a busy shopping plaza, less than 30 feet from a Mexican restaurant at lunch time. True, 19th-century Waco was known as “Six-Shooter Junction,” but 21-century shoppers at a nearby Cabela’s or Best Buy weren’t expecting to be party to a Wild West shoot-out when they left home for the relatively upscale Central Texas Marketplace.

A Wild-West Texas, though, seems to be the ideal for the legislative gunsters we’ve sent to Austin, whose actions will result in more guns in more places with fewer safeguards. They’re besotted with the notion that the Second Amendment confers an absolute immunity against any attempt to protect the general welfare.

They are mistaken. There are sensible limits on every one of our constitutional rights, including the Second.

We’re not saying that the elected officials who have made gun rights their mission condone what happened in Waco. We are saying that the indiscriminate possession of guns is a danger that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have to tolerate. With all due respect to the Second Amendment, we would expect them to show a little common sense, not to mention a decent respect for the sanctity of human life. Maybe it’s too much to expect those qualities from criminal biker gangs, but most of us expect higher standards from our elected officials.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Biker-brawl-6271489.php.

Hey, like I said, it is a culture that is promoted.

Name the three players in our starting lineup yesterday who are hitting below the Mendoza Line?

From the Oops Dept.

This was tweeted this past Sunday:

Adrian Garcia retweeted
Mustafa Tameez @MustafaTameez · 23h 23 hours ago
Rev. Bill Lawson – Adrian Garcia will make the best Mayor for Houston #HouNews #ag2015 #Fox26ForLife pic.twitter.com/1bC9a4xKx1

Then this was released yesterday:

Statement from Rev. William A. Lawson

“There has been a lot of discussion over the past 24 hours about where I stand in the mayor’s race. Upon further reflection, I wish to make the following statement.

“Today, I am endorsing Representative Sylvester Turner for mayor of the City of Houston.

“Sylvester has been excellent as a lawmaker representative of citizens at all levels. He has proven to be a man of passion for all people and a man of integrity. I believe that everyone in the City of Houston, including the lowly and the vulnerable, need a mayor who will care about them. That is where I have always stood.”

I am hearing that the back story on this is a doozy. It is about going overboard, jumping the gun, and making up stuff.

And then this was tweeted out yesterday:

AlanBernstein ‏@AlanBernstein 9m9 minutes ago
This picture from Sunday is probably worth much more than today’s 100 or so words. Thnx for the follow @grantmartin1 pic.twitter.com/k1N3jVY4R7

And then this:

Miya Shay @miyashay · 10h 10 hours ago
Yesterday, Rev. Lawson speaks at @AdrianGarciaHTX kickoff. Today, he endorses @SylvesterTurner for Mayor. #HouMayor tug-a-war! #abc13

And then the Parks Department released the following this morning:

We want to clarify what has transpired over the past 48 hours. There was no rally at Moody Park this past Sunday.

Not really!

Springer (.188), Gattis (.183), and Carter (.160) of course were in last night’s starting lineup. Just think how we would be doing if all three were just hitting at their career average – yikes!

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