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I am talking about the shots the Sheriff has taken since word got out he was in the race. Here is a taste from twitter:

Kris Banks ‏@KrisBanks 6m6 minutes ago Houston, TX
Can potholes be deported? Ex-Sheriff Garcia has proven pretty skilled at that. #houmayor

Kris Banks @KrisBanks • 21h 21 hours ago
Today’s big winner: Steve Radack #houmayor

Here is part of the Chron story:

In a letter Wednesday informing the court of his decision, Garcia, a Democrat, offered the court his “counsel and input.” He urged the commissioners and judge to appoint an independent or another Democrat and to avoid choosing any law enforcement official who has aspirations of further elected office.

In all likelihood, however, the appointee will be a Republican, since four of the five voting members of Commissioners Court are Republicans. A spokesman for County Judge Ed Emmett said his boss would prefer an appointee who is inclined to run for election in 2016, to retain the office. Spokesman Joe Stinebaker said Garcia’s replacement will be the subject of an executive session at the end of Tuesday’s regular Commissioners Court meeting.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack said he had gotten a few unsolicited calls from individuals expressing interest in the job, and he would not be surprised if 20 or 30 names were in the hat by Friday.

“I’m looking forward to seeing who all is interested,” Radack said. He added, “I’m glad (Garcia) finally quit. We’re faced with a sheriff’s department with terrible morale, that’s had problems in the jail lately.”

Hunker Down and Commissioner Radack are going to take the lead and come up with a Sheriff who will have the best chance of winning in 2016. Of course, you never know if the Tea Party wing of the GOP will run a candidate in the GOP Primary and mess with the Court’s pick.

Meanwhile, on the Dem side, the Sheriff is the one who resigned and handed this position over to the GOP. Dems have every right to tweet out the Sheriff. It is fair game – no ifs, ands, or buts.

The field is now set. That’s it. No more stories on speculation on who is running and when they are running.

Fresno outfielder Preston Tucker will make his MLB debut tonight with the ‘Stros. When did we select Tucker?

Commentary snagged a foul ball last night – the first of the season. I handed it over to a young couple from Beaumont.

George Springer is banged up and will be out a week or so.

Preston Tucker was drafted by the ‘Stros in the 7th round of the 2012 MLB Draft of course.

The bad news is the three game losing streak we are on and getting swept by the Rangers. The good news is we are still up by five and start a short four game series in Anaheim with a 10-2 road record.

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