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Way to go Falkenberg! Check her tweet and read her column today:

Lisa Falkenberg ‏@ChronFalkenberg 3m3 minutes ago
Column: Applause for DA, police union support of #grandjury reform. Now let’s get it right. #txlege http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/falkenberg/article/Let-s-get-grand-jury-reform-right-6073841.php?t=996f59b7e9ad6264fa&cmpid=twitter-premium

The H-Town City Council Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee met last night at City Hall and decided to move forward with a City Charter amendment proposal that would allow six members of City Council to place items on the Council Agenda.

At their last meeting they moved forward on a Charter amendment to go to two four-year term limits for City Council members.

At their first meeting the Committee decided not to pursue City Council Executive Sessions.

The Committee hasn’t acted on the feeding the homeless ordinance.

At their next meeting they will take up the revenue cap.

Less than a handful of players and a lot of folks that want to do away with the feeding the homeless ordinance have been attending the Committee meetings.

After the Committee completes its work, City Council will then decide which City Charter Amendment proposals to put on the November ballot.

I know it is still February but you have to wonder who will be out in the community later on this year trying to sell the City Charter changes. I wonder if members of City Council who supported the charter changes will be out there campaigning for the proposals and in the process expending their political resources.

The proposal to allow six members of City Council to place an item on the Council agenda kind of goes against our strong Mayor form of government.

Does the current Mayor really give a rat’s arse if six Council members can place items on the agenda if she is not going to be around next year? Why should she use her political capital to help out the next Mayor?

With the exception of the feeding the homeless ordinance opponents, right now there doesn’t appear to be any community interest in the proposed City Charter changes discussion going on over at City Hall. If there is no community interest, where then is the community support. I hope City Council takes this into consideration before they move forward on ballot initiatives so stay tuned!

Jose Altuve had 56 stolen bases last season. How many stolen bases did the rest of the team have last season?

The following tweet came out yesterday:

Evantines Day ‏@evan7257 1h1 hour ago
“Sylvester Turner is the Hillary Clinton of the mayoral race”

I will say once again that I am not ready to call any Mayoral candidate a frontrunner.

At this point in February of 1997, 2003, and 2009 when we had an open race for H-Town Mayor, did we have a frontrunner? I don’t think so! What makes this year different?

Speaking of so-called frontrunners, Hillary Clinton is having some infighting among her top players over fundraising and Jeb Bush had to fire a top staffer the day after the staffer was hired, so don’t show me the frontrunners!

Commentary said this yesterday:

Commentary is trying to figure out where women can make political gains, err win, in electoral politics this season – 2015. Teddy Schleifer wrote this past weekend about no women running for Mayor. Well what about the other city races and the HISD and HCC trustee positions?

Then this was tweeted:

Amanda Edwards ‏@amanda4houston 14m14 minutes ago
Excited to announce my candidacy for Houston City Council AL-4! #HouCouncil #HouNews http://www.edwardsforhouston.com/news.html

That makes two African American women running in At-Large 4.

NBC News gave Brian Williams a six month unpaid leave of absence just because the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Williams told us that his daughter Allison was really flying during the Peter Pan show. I don’t know about that.

Jose Altuve had 56 stolen bases last season and the rest of the team had 66 of course.

There is a kind of sad story in the Chron Sports Section today about those big banners that celebrate titles our pro sports teams rack up. The banners are missing! Here is a bit of the sad news:

There are other missing or misplaced banners in Houston sports lore, from all accounts.

The Astros, for example, relinquished their collection of Astrodome banners to Harris County when the team left for Enron Field (now Minute Maid Park) after the 1999 season, said Mike Acosta, the team’s authentication manager.

“The (Minute Maid) roof opens and closes, so if we were to suspend banners, they would be blowing all over the place when the roof was open,” Acosta said. “So we decided to replicate the banners.”

The team also changed logos and color schemes when it moved downtown, so the blue-and-gold “shooting star” logo that was incorporated into the 1990s banners was out of sync with the team’s rebranding.

Acosta said the Astros still have one of the large American flags displayed in center field at the Astrodome from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. The team also has an orange Astros flag that formerly flew outside the Dome, and Acosta said it might be flown as the team celebrates the 50th anniversary of its renaming from Colt .45s to Astros.

The other flags, along with the banners, Acosta said, “were folded up and stored on the floor of the Astrodome with some of the other things that were taken down.”

But where are they?

NRG Park spokeswoman Nina Jackson, asked this week about the location of the Astros memorabilia, said, “Nobody knows anything about any banners.”

There was no indication whether the banners were sold during the Astrodome “garage sale” in 2013 and, if not, whether they still are stored somewhere within the building.

Photos taken in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina evacuees were housed at the Dome, show Astros and Oilers banners still on display. The banners had been removed by 2010, when county officials staged a media tour of the stadium.

Similar questions surround the Oilers’ championship banners and retired number banners. The Oilers left Houston after the 1996 season for Nashville, Tenn., and a spokesman for the Tennessee Titans said the Oilers banners have not been seen in storage in Nashville.

Come on Hunker Down, could you please ask someone to go find the banners, PLEASE!

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