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Yesterday, State Rep. Carol Alvarado was named Chair of the Urban Affairs Committee of the Texas House of Representatives. Congrats! I have not had the time to do the research but in the history of the Texas House, there have not been too many Latinas that have served as Chair of a committee – a couple or so maybe? I am also trying to remember the last time a Latina/Latino from the H-Town area served as a Chair of a committee in the Texas Legislature – maybe somebody can help me out. Way to go, Carol!

Carol will certainly do a great a job. BTW: GOP Rep. Molly White, yeah, that Rep. White of Belton, is also a member of the Urban Affairs Committee.

Name the two MLB clubs with the lousiest home records last season?

On the #HoustonPotholes stuff, Commentary said this yesterday:

Well let me just say that potholes don’t vote. That being said, I am kind of flabbergasted and perplexed a bit that the City hasn’t been more aggressive in defending their processes. In the Channel 11 story that follows, Public Works continues to let their spokesperson take the hit. Heck, he’s earned a pay raise over the last couple or three stories. Maybe the City has a secret pothole repair plan they are fixing to unveil.

Well the Mayor responded yesterday and here is what she said in today’s Chron front page lead story: “We have a full, all-hands-on-deck emergency plan in place. This is my issue. We’re going to deal with it.”

It is not a secret plan but a response to those that raised the issue the past week or so. You have to give credit to those that got out front on our potholes. I am talking about Bill King, KHOU-TV Channel 11, and KTRK-TV Channel 13. They got folks to talking and complaining and City Hall just had to act – or else.

I am sure some local politicos kind of dismissed Bill when he first brought up the #HoustonPotholes a while back but they are certainly not dismissing him this morning. Like I said, give Bill his credit.

Here is how today’s Chron story starts:

Confronted with the age-old political headache of fixing pesky potholes amid surging resident complaints, Mayor Annise Parker acknowledged Wednesday that the city has not acted quickly enough to make repairs and called Houston’s roads a “crisis situation.”

Parker was responding to media reports detailing lingering requests for pothole fixes on city streets.

Here is the entire story from behind the paywall: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Parker-says-city-has-fallen-behind-on-pothole-6063307.php.

Commentary still thinks spokesperson Eric Dargan, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, should be given a raise for being put out there in a position that was impossible to defend.

Are #HoustonPotholes now off of the table so to speak? Nope! Stay tuned for sure!

At 33-48 the D-Backs and Rangers of course had last season’s lousiest home record.

The Rangers will make their first visit to The Yard on May 4 and the D-Backs visit for three on July 31 – August 2.

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