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I am thinking that Lisa Falkenberg is the best writer ever at the Chron. She is not afraid to take on the tough issues. Last year she started a huge discussion on the Harris County grand jury system and guess what? Yesterday the Harris County DA put out a Chron Op-Ed and said this:

The public is losing confidence in the grand jury system. I can no longer take a neutral position on this issue. The use of jury commissioners to select grand jurors unnecessarily gives critics of the grand jury system ammunition to challenge the jurors’ independence and integrity. The jurors deserve better. The public deserves better.

And this:

I support the efforts in the Texas Legislature to abolish the jury commissioner system. Whatever concerns the remaining district court judges have about using jury pools should have been assuaged long ago – other district courts have been using the jury pool system successfully for long enough that its viability cannot be questioned.

You have to give Fallkenberg her credit for moving the issue this far. Nice job, Falkenberg!

Last year, when he first arrived on the local scene, the Chron’s Teddy Schleifer wrote a front page piece about why Congressional District 29 isn’t represented by a Latina or Latino. This past Saturday, Teddy wrote a piece on there being no women running for H-Town Mayor this year. Stay tuned!

If you are not doing anything during lunch today, check out Teddy on the radio:

Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 9m9 minutes ago
Tune in to @HoustonMatters at noon CT / 1pm ET to hear little ol’ me on the characters vying to be mayor of Houston: http://www.houstonmatters.org

This is kind of unnecessary roughness if you ask me. I don’t think The Dean and Robert Miller were deserving of the shot they took from the Chron E-Board this past weekend. Robert is the lobbyist the E-Board mentions in the following:

(Thumbs down) State Sen. John Whitmire is the first to growl when there’s questionable spending of taxpayer bucks. But when the University of Houston dropped close to $100K on a lobbyist – a very unusual expense for a university – the senator and “Of Counsel” to Houston law firm of Locke Lord LLP appeared muzzled. Why would that be? Maybe it’s because the hired gun works for Locke Lord, too.

Now that is what you call a Chron E-Board cheap shot?

Jon Singleton will now be wearing the numero 21 after he handed Colby Rasmus his numero 28. Name the ‘Stro who wore the 21 from 1977-1990.

When presenting last night’s Grammys Album of the Year, Prince said “like books and black lives, albums still matter.” Yeah, I know you are Prince but I don’t think books and albums rise to the level of Black lives. Sorry, but that is my two cents.

I kind of thought that was Kristen Wiig in the white wig last night doing the cool dance moves.

Terry Puhl of course wore the numero 21 for the ‘Stros from 1977-1990.

That is all I have from The Yard today.

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