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I am thinking that the City of H-Town might be surrendering to #HoustonPotholes.

KHOU-TV Channel 11 has pretty much exposed the City of H-Town on how it handles – or doesn’t handle – pothole repairs. Last week Channel 11 reported to us that the City was “misleading” us on their percentage of pothole repair completion rate. Last night KHOU reported on the City spokesperson admitting that the City’s repair efforts are not up to standard and they are “not allowed to do it right based on budgetary restraints” – HUH! Well why even attempt to repair them? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Here is how KHOU started their story last night:

Thousands of potholes the City of Houston patched had to be re-patched over the past two years according to 11 News I-Team analysis of Department of Public Works records.

Critics call it sloppy and irresponsible, while City officials argue that given budgetary constraints, a temporary fix is better than no fix at all.


So we had some questions for Eric Dargan, Deputy Director of the Houston Department of Public Works.

I-Team: “Are you doing it right the first time always.”

Dargan: “Not always.”

Dargan said it all comes down to the numbers, and the math only goes so far.

Public Works certainly didn’t make the City look good last night if you ask me. Maybe they just didn’t give this Dargan fella anything to work with. That’s too bad. Of course, maybe the City figures they can’t spin this one so they are just going to take the hit. It will be interesting to see how much longer KHOU will ride #HoustonPotholes and see how many times the City is forced to wave the white flag.

Here is the entire story from last night: http://www.khou.com/story/news/2015/02/03/public-works-fills-but-then-refills-thousands-of-potholes/22782895/.

Name the team with the best home record in MLB last season?

Not to be outdone, Kuffer has set some criteria for what he wants to hear from the Mayoral candidates. Check it out here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=64680. Anybody else?

I wonder when groups will start rolling out their endorsements.

The Angels of course had the best home record in MLB last season – going a nice 52-29.

The Angels visit The Yard for three the weekend of April 17-19.

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