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State Sen. Wendy Davis was interviewed by Peggy Fikac and it is on the front page of today’s Chron. It is also behind the paywall on Chron.com. Here are a few bits from the piece:

Davis pushed back at the idea that the November election was a setback for Texas Democrats, pointing to bright spots including her hefty fundraising and volunteer force. But she added that she wants to learn from things that could’ve been done differently.

I don’t know about her “setback” take. Scoreboard is a pretty powerful indicator. And:

In an exclusive interview, she reflected on the campaign and pointed to one thing she would change. Davis that she wishes she had a do-over on her campaign decision to support open carry of handguns. Her position put her at odds with her party and alarmed a number of supporters. She said Monday that she opposes open carry.

Yeah, that was a pretty bonehead move. And:

The lawmaker catapulted to national prominence because of a well-publicized filibuster against tighter abortion restrictions. She has now accepted invitations to speak at Planned Parenthood events around the country.

Now that is good considering she was criticized during the campaign for dodging the abortion rights issue. And:

She didn’t rule out anything from another race for governor to trying to regain her state Senate seat, which was won by Republican Konni Burton after Davis ran for governor instead of aiming for re-election.

I am sure there are a whole host of folks that have plenty of takes on Sen. Wendy Davis’ campaigns – past and future. My advice: Nothing against her 2014 team, but how about reaching out and talking to other advisors across the state and country to get their takes. Who knows – they may be fresh?

Here is the story on the interview: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Wendy-Davis-expects-to-stay-in-politics-5984368.php.

Only one MLB team failed to reach the 100 team dinger mark this past season. Name the team?

Commentary usually doesn’t mention kids in sports because they don’t get paid like the pros. I do want to give a shout out to little leaguer Mo’ne Davis of Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons for winning the AP 2014 Female Athlete of the Year.

Commentary was watching the Packers and Lions this past Sunday when the Detroit Lions defensive tackle stepped on Olivia Munn’s boyfriend on purpose. Yesterday the jerk from the Lions was handed a one-game suspension and will miss the playoff game against the Cowboys. What an arsehole. The whole country saw it.

Speaking of the NFL, Gary Kubiak is interviewing for the Jets’ head coaching position. I like Gary Kubiak and wish him all the best, but I just can’t picture him as a head coach in New York City. It would be fun to watch though.

During the fourth hour of “Today” yesterday they put on the “Today: The Musical.” It was written by fourth hour co-host Kathie Lee Gifford. The star was Regis Philbin. Huh? Putting together a musical wasn’t a good idea and a waste of time if you ask me. I watched it and in one word to describe: excruciating.

KC of course only had 95 team dingers this past season.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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Channel 13’s Ted Oberg tweeted this a couple of days ago:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg • Dec 10
I’ve been BLOCKED! @SheriffGarcia blocked me and @trentseibert after this story aired last night: http://abc13.com/429120/.

Oh well, maybe this was an accidental block.

Commentary has certainly had his share of disagreements with media coverage and stories, but that is all they are – disagreements. I don’t hold grudges or that kind of stuff. I just move on.

I would hope that the Sheriff’s folks didn’t block Ted and Trent. That would be kind of silly and unproductive. What is accomplished? Absolutely nothing!

Yesterday Texas Monthly handed out their 2014 Bum Steer Award to Team Davis. Was Team Davis worthy of the award? Scoreboard says so. 2014 wasn’t pretty for Lone Star State Dems. I wonder who is going to accept the award for Team Davis.

CEWDEM kind of responded by saying nice stuff about Sen. Davis but did not “block” Texas Monthly so to speak. Here is from CEWDEM:

I think all should remember that Wendy Davis is a good and decent human being who was willing to put her life and herself on hold for almost two years to carry the torch of the Democratic Party in the last election. She fell short – hardly the first person to suffer the fate – but she does not deserve the ridicule and truly unflattering articles and caricatures she has gotten since her loss. Personally, she gave what she could. She was served badly by mercenaries and that is the shame here – that we have allowed the privatization of politics – whose leaders are in it for a buck and those followers who work their hearts out with the only goal of making a better Texas are used and then disillusioned. I am proud that Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis, on behalf of the Democrats of Harris County, has extended an invitation to Senator Wendy Davis, and she has accepted, to be the special guest on January 29 at the Toast to a Blue Year – 2015, gathering where we can all stop by and say “THANKS” and hug her neck for the herculean effort put forth on our behalf. Other statewide candidates have been invited, have accepted and will be in attendance. Bum Steer? – Wendy Davis? – hardly! Harris County says Thank you!

Now that was nice!

The final episode of “The Newsroom” will air Sunday night and I will be watching – just me and a little more than a million folks. Apparently, it wasn’t a hit with media big shots and they nailed it from the beginning. They liked Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” but not Sorkin’s “The Newsroom.” I don’t know why. I loved “The West Wing” but never really believed that is how the real West Wing operates. I love “The Newsroom” but don’t really believe that is how newsrooms operate. I have said it before – it’s entertainment. The media elites, err critics obviously were not entertained.

Commentary mentioned the ‘Stros signed relievers Pat Neshak and Luke Gregerson. Of the two, who has the most post season experience?

BTW: 40 years ago today, “The Godfather, Part II” was released.

BTW: 14 years ago today, Bush v. Gore was decided.

Commentary is a fan of Jennifer Aniston. I am glad to see she is getting some recognition for her latest role in “Cake.” She just got nominated for Best Actress by SAG and the Golden Globes.

Pat Neshak of course went to the playoffs with the Twins (2006), A’s (2012), and San Luis (2014) and Luke Gregerson went with the A’s last season.

Maybe both will be introduced to the local media today at The Yard.

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“I Am In” trumpeted HCC Trustee Carroll Robinson in announcing this morning in an email that he is running for H-Town City Controller.

Yesterday, Chron.com posted a story saying that former H-Town City Attorney Ben Hall would be running for Mayor again.

State Rep. Sylvester Turner has already said he’s running and has signed up consultants.

H-Town Council Members Stephen Costello and Oliver Pennington both had full page ads in Gary Polland’s latest TCR and are telling folks they are running.

My friend Bill King is telling folks he is running.

Chris Bell’s law partner is complaining about the fundraising rules so I guess Chris may be running.

Without spending a whole lot of time dissecting the race, I will say that Carroll Robinson probably benefits if both Hall and Turner make the race and spend a lot of dough – the African-American turnout thing.

I am also thinking that The Mayor isn’t going to sit on the sidelines and quietly watch the race. Here is what she tweeted yesterday after word of the Hall announcement got out:

Annise Parker @AnniseParker • 15h 15 hours ago
Ben Hall to run for Houston mayor? Wants debate on issues? If he paid his taxes & tickets no one would about them.-A http://bit.ly/1xOAYmP

Turner’s spokesperson also got into the tweeting act here:

Sue Davis @suedavis1974 • 15h 15 hours ago
I can’t wait! Chron:”Ben Hall to run for mayor in 2015.” And it’s not even Christmas yet. I must have been a very good girl this year.

The MLB Cy Young Award winners were announced yesterday. Name the MLB clubs who have never produced a Cy Young Award winner?

I really did want to move on but then I saw my pal Jay Root’s Trib piece on more of the Team Davis loss. Jay Root got ahold of some internal memos from Team Davis’ former consultants. Now just how did these memos fall into Jay’s hands? Is this a case of someone getting even? How convenient. Here are parts the Jay Root Trib piece:

Consultants for Democrat Wendy Davis warned her campaign months ago that the Fort Worth senator was headed for a humiliating defeat in the Texas governor’s race unless she adopted a more centrist message and put a stop to staggering internal dysfunction.

The warnings are contained in two internal communications obtained by The Texas Tribune and written at the beginning of the year by longtime Democratic operatives Peter Cari and Maura Dougherty.

After the drubbing Davis got from Gov.-Elect Greg Abbott last week, they seem eerily prescient.

“The campaign is in disarray and is in danger of being embarrassed,” Cari and Dougherty wrote in a lengthy memorandum on Jan. 6. “The level of dysfunction was understandable in July and August, when we had no infrastructure in place — but it doesn’t seem to be getting better.”


Dougherty and Cari, founders of the national consulting firm Prism Communications, had helped guide Davis to two tough Senate wins in a Republican-leaning North Texas district, and they were deeply invested in her campaign.

But the media strategists complained that they and other consultants who had been involved in her past races, and who knew her strengths and background, were being sidelined and had been unable to communicate directly with Davis.


“Running Wendy Davis as a generic national Democrat is not only the quickest path to 38 percent, it’s also a huge disservice to Wendy, her record and the brand she has built,” they wrote. Davis got 38.9 percent of the vote, compared to the 59.3 percent of voters who cast ballots for Abbott.

Given the national wave that swamped Democrats around the country, including in governor races that Republicans won in traditionally blue states such as Maryland and Massachusetts, it’s highly unlikely that any political strategy would have ushered Davis into the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

But Dougherty said it didn’t have to be such a rout.

“It’s possible to lose and still look good,” she said in the phone interview. “Our worry in January was it was setting Wendy up for embarrassment throughout the course of the campaign. I think the way the campaign played out was far, far worse than it should have been.”

Here is the entire Trib piece:

This is from the Statesman a few days ago on Battleground Texas:

They lost ground,” said Christian Archer, a Democratic political consultant in San Antonio who has worked on several mayoral and gubernatorial campaigns in Texas.

“It was frustrating to watch,” Archer said of Battleground Texas’ performance. “The bar kept getting lowered and lowered and lowered and lowered and lowered, and then they tripped over it.”

By every measurable outcome, Battleground Texas failed to live up to its promise: More women voted for Abbott than Davis, there was no surge in Hispanic registration or turnout, and the numbers of Democratic voters plunged. (Democrat Bill White’s 12.7-point loss to Gov. Rick Perry in 2010 looked good by comparison.)

Here is the entire piece:

Cincy, the Fish, the Rangers, and the Rockies have never produced a Cy Young Award winner of course.

The ‘Stros are saying they will increase their payroll to $70 mil this season. We will see.

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