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Who wants to be the next Harris County Constable for Precinct 6? Here is from today’s Chron:

Harris County commissioners are preparing to accept the resignation of convicted Constable Victor Trevino and to start looking for his replacement.


One local Hispanic leader expressed optimism that Trevino’s replacement will be a person who reflects the constable’s Precinct 6, which is overwhelmingly Hispanic and Democratic.

“It’s important to find someone who is qualified, and has a history of living and working in the precinct and is community-minded,” said state Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, adding she has told commissioners she favors a Hispanic who is a Democrat.

Drawing a replacement from among Trevino’s staff could prove difficult because of a state law requiring the constable to reside in the precinct. Several of Trevino’s top deputies do not meet the residency requirement, Alvarado said.


Most of Trevino’s precinct is located within the boundaries of Commissioner Jack Mormon’s district; about one-quarter is in Lee’s. Mormon’s staff confirmed the screening process is underway with 12 to 15 applicants under review.

David Walden, Mormon’s chief of staff, said all candidates are under consideration regardless of race or ethnicity, but added, “It’s obviously a Hispanic district, with an overwhelming majority, so you want someone there who has community support.”

A replacement is expected to be announced on Nov. 18, when commissioners officially canvass the results of last week’s election.

Commentary is hearing that former candidates, former elected officials, current elected officials, and current and former law enforcement types are interested in getting the appointment. Some live in the precinct, some used to, some say they do, and some say they will. Stay tuned!

Name the first African-American to win a MLB Rookie of the Year Award?

Check this out from the Chron:

David Dewhurst is not ready to leave Texas politics.

The outgoing lieutenant governor said Monday he is planning to start a “large public policy venture” and may consider a run for political office in the future.

He offered few details on either front, deferring questions about the policy venture until a formal announcement planned for next month and declining to answer specific questions about his future, but he seemed eager to keep as many options on the table as possible.

Among those he would not rule out: a run for Houston mayor next year.

“I ain’t riding off into the sunset, ever,” said Dewhurst, who keeps a home in Houston, adding, “I’m a real believer in the Lord’s will, and He’s got something else He wants me to do, and so I’m pursuing what I think is good for me and good for the state.”


Dewhurst said he has been focused of late on border security – a problem he said he spotlighted when he first took office in 2003 and is finally getting the attention it deserves. In particular, Dewhurst said he supports indefinitely continuing the surge of Texas National Guard troopers and Department of Public Safety officers on the southern border.

“I want to make sure we don’t do in Texas what Barack Obama did in Iraq and Afghanistan – telling al-Qaeda when you were going to wind down,” he said.

He surely has to be kidding. I don’t think a lot of H-Town voters take too kindly to his years of bashing of The President. Voter ID isn’t a priority of ours. We kind of would like to see an expansion of Medicaid. A lot of us don’t like that bill that passed in the 2013 Special Session just to name a few. Best he could do is win Council Member Oliver Pennington’s seat if Pennington chose to run for Mayor.

Pitcher Don Newcombe of course of the Dodgers won the 1949 NL Rookie of the Year Award.

In today’s Chron, GM Luhnow acknowledges that the team has to get better productivity from our first baseman, shortstop, and third baseman. I am glad the GM is going public with this analysis.

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