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On Monday evening a federal judge temporarily halted the President’s action on immigration thus pi__ing off a few million folks that were fixing to start filling out their paperwork today. That’s the bad news.

So as the 2016 Presidential campaigns gear up, this issue is going to continue to be on the minds of Latino voters in battleground states thus making it harder for the GOP to win the White House. That’s the good news.

Before the State Senate District 26 Special started, Rep. José Menéndez and fellow Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer were both good elected officials and good Democrats. This morning they are still good elected officials and good Democrats. Somebody had to win.

I have to admit I was kind of surprised with last night’s results. I guess Sen.-Elect Menéndez ran a better and smarter campaign.

Then this was tweeted last night:

Harold Cook retweeted
Michael Hurta @MichaelHurta • 9m 9 minutes ago
I really don’t like the media painting the Menendez win as a loss for Democrats. Maybe for hardcore liberals, but he’s still a Democrat, yo.

I don’t know if the media is saying it was a Dem loss. I think some Dem activists might be saying it was a Dem loss. You can’t deny that the Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) folks are feeling pretty good this morning. TLR racked up a decisive victory in Dem territory.

And then this tweet from Harold Cook:

Harold Cook @HCookAustin • 2h 2 hours ago
The @Menendez4Texas #sd26 win is stunning. TLR and GOP allies played in the Democratic sandbox better than trials and labor on this race.

How about played better and smarter?

A-Roid issued a five paragraph handwritten letter yesterday apologizing for being suspended for a year. I believe him. If he was still on PEDs or HGH, it would have been a twelve paragraph letter.

Of the 28 MLBers with 3,000 career base hits or more, how many were born in Texas?

Next time I run into Alan Bernstein, I am going to ask him about his tweet from yesterday:

AlanBernstein ‏@AlanBernstein 5m5 minutes ago
1/2 of 265 Tx sheriffs prepping to lobby for proper $ for public mental health services. #txlege #smart

Let’s see. Texas has 254 counties with each county getting a sheriff. Maybe we annexed some new counties and they didn’t tell me about it.

I said the following last month about the giveaways at The Yard this season:

Giveaways include three bobbles, a gnome, and a Craig Biggio replica Hall of Fame plaque. They won’t be giving away umbrellas this season – darn!

This was announced yesterday:

$1 hot dogs are back by popular demand in 2015! Fans can enjoy $1 hot dogs every Wednesday night game at Minute Maid Park. Be sure to come hungry!

I tweeted this yesterday:

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 6h 6 hours ago
@BleacherReport says @astro 2015 “most shocking playoff contender” http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2366541-who-will-be-mlbs-most-shocking-playoff-contender-in-2015


Hall of Fame great Tris Speaker of course with 3,514 career base hits is the only player with 3,000 career base hits or more born in Texas. Speaker is a native of Hubbard, TX.

And finally this tweet:

Houston Astros ‏@astros 9m9 minutes ago
Yes we will! #Astros RT @BallhawkShawn: Will you be using baseballs during the season with that special 50th anniversary logo?

We will be celebrating 50 years of being called ‘Stros so I am certainly ready to snag one.

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