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Commentary has always said I am always learning. Today I learned a new word: voluble.

I saw it in the Chron E-Board endorsement of State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst in the SD 18 Special. Here is from the E-Board endorsement:

Named one of Texas Monthly’s 10 best legislators in 2007, the voluble, hyper-energetic legislator knows the issues important to the largely rural district that runs between Harris and Bexar counties and has dealt with them in the House.

I am sorry but I have never heard of voluble. I read a lot and have never run across the word. Never heard it on a ‘Stros game. Never heard it on CNN. Never heard it on “SNL,” “The Newsroom,”, “The Big Bang Theory,” “The Good Wife,” or “Today.” I had to look it up and best I can figure, voluble means talkative, verbose, or articulate or something like that – I think.

A couple of nights ago when I was watching on the flat screen the protests and related events coming from Ferguson, CNN anchor Don Lemon was providing a verbal description of the scene. Here is what he said: “Maybe a minute, two minutes ago we heard a gunshot and watched people scattering. And we’re watching people on the roofs of cars, on the tops of cars and, er,… Obviously there’s a smell of marijuana here as well.”

Immediately he started getting hammered by bloggers and on twitter and yesterday by media critics for the mention of dope in the air – huh!

Hey, if there are bullets flying, cars being set on fire, stores being looted, protesters being tear gassed, and folks being put in cuffs, and some fellas are passing around a bong, I want to know about it. I really didn’t think the mention of dope in the air was inappropriate or unprofessional. It would be like mentioning “and some folks are running around with Bud Lights in their koozies.”

Don Lemon is not your typical anchor and I think he has pretty much let us know that over the past couple of years. I sometimes don’t agree with his style but that is the way it goes. He tries not to stay in the same old anchor chair mold if you know what I mean.

The Rocket, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz are on the 2015 MLB Hall of Fame ballot. How many Cy Young Awards have these pitching greats won?

There is something about heading to the family gathering on Thanksgiving Day and driving on the freeway and passing the empty parking lots of malls and major retailers. It makes me think that most folks are at home with their families and friends. Like most other traditions, that is changing.

Commentary thinks it is a bummer for stores to open on Thanksgiving Day evening. That’s sad. Can’t folks wait until Friday to get into their Christmas shopping? Who wants to go shopping at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day night anyway? Or at midnight? Get a life!

I also think it stinks that some grocery stores are open until midday on Thanksgiving Day. I mean, can’t you handle all of your Thanksgiving Day shopping by noon of that day?

We will be having our Thanksgiving Day dinner tomorrow at my sister Sylvia’s. At last count eleven of us will be there including my niece Cristina, her boyfriend Chris, and my nephew Enrique’s girlfriend Christy – got it! The other six are a Tony, Alicia, Dave, Jackson, Louis and Commentary. Two live in Nashville, three in Baytown, five vote in H-Town, and the other is too young to vote – got it!

The Rocket (7), Randy Johnson (5), Pedro Martinez (3), and John Smoltz (1) have a combined 16 Cy Young Awards of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard and unless there is breaking news over the weekend I will return on Monday.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day and a very nice holiday weekend!

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